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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Avatar

If i had an avatar, she would probably look like that and her name would be Cleonytri. I had been looking forward to watching James Cameron's movie and the excitement over the technology used was no small thing. We kept on waiting while carrying on with our normal day to day life and then it was announced to open in December. Many reviews popped up on the internet and i couldnt help but read, when the movie was finally premiered.

The main theme i kept picking up was how stunning The Humanoids and Pandora, the Na'vis' homeland was, with the 3d and IMAX viewing especially, another strong point was the blatant racism, imperialism and some other -isms which are not so good contained within the movie, the political, environmental themes and what not. i didnt want to be bothered, i wanted to watch the movie anyway unlike district 9 which i haven't still seen. Avatar was being compared to movies and animations like Ferngully, Dances with Wolves, Pocahontas e.t.c. I would be daft if i say i didn't notice the recurring theme. 'White' man goes to native land to basically wreck havoc by stealing resources. One lone man and sidekick(s) breaks away after a romantic encounter with a native most likely daughter of the village head , then becomes the hero of the natives by turning against initial party. This..some say is every 'White' man's dream, so he can do away with the guilt which has been inherited him. Basically i didnt buy the story, but that wasnt what i wanted to see so off to the cinema i went.

I watched Avatar in 3d with a friend at The Gate, the most annoying thing was that i had to wear the 3D glasses on my own, i did have my eyes and head spinning after a while. but i was really amazed at the 3d tech, i resolved that i would still see the movie in IMAX, which was my original plan anyway, i also wanted to take the 3D glasses away, i mean c'mon! i paid for those things! lol.

 Some weeks later i went to Odeon to see it in IMAX with another friend at 9:45am!! on a saturday morning, because seats where so booked! i was amazed at myself. lol. We got there and behold, a very long queue! it could only be for Avatar. We got in and went on to enjoy the movie. i dozed off lots of times, cos u know its a really long but seeing it in IMAX makes all the difference, my eyes didnt spin as much, the screen was so clear, i thought my eyeballs had reverted back to the original shape.It was great!

Even though the story wasnt new plus overdone, and the lead character not very engagng, i enjoyed the movie. Even though i thought the Na'Vi's were a mash up of Red Indians and some South African tribe.. Even though i thought the features of the Na'Vi were grossly disturbing and i did see the racist undercurrents..Its a movie to watch and only at the Cinema..and in IMAX 3D!! :D

P:S Next stop Alice in Wonderland! Can't wait!


jemimahnaa said...

i loved the movvie..obviously i dnt analyze up 2hw u do..but i follow with the pocahontas theme...wish i culd watch it in 3d that'd be maeeed!! wonder y we dnt have a 3d cinema in naija yet d only time i watched a movie in 3d was wen i wen to singapore and it was real also wantd to tk d IMAX tho but if u say it was worth it i'll take ur word for it..i hvnt watchd that district 9 too..i go find am o..