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Monday, January 18, 2010


Well it is a new week and i know i should probably be referring to my PDP (Personal Development Plan) i will get on that ASAP. But i got to say that i feel some sort of energy. I dont feel as subdued as i used to be (maybe its the

My weekend was great, from friday had my friend over, we talked and talked, then we went out. I was supposed to meet with my coursemates and have a ball, but they were wasted by the time we got there, still we had some fun, danced, i had a glass of white wine (very nice brand) on the

Got home and didnt go to bed until i had something to eat which made me really sleepy, got up at about 10:30am, had to go for a Mary Kay constumer appreciation event and lecture. We got free gifts and i was 80% sure i wanted to become a consultant. right now...not so much. I dont think i am ready now, i must say..i still have time to cancel, but i will wait a little while.

Sunday, i went to church, and when i got there, the pastor was raising a prayer point about the Equality Bill, i really didnt understand what it was , but they were praying against it. i made a point to ask, and to just check online about the whole thing.
i did check and what i read wasnt very pretty, i just thought that the whole problem comes from the ''religion'' of a thing and how its being organised. i will make a seperate post about it.

Also, i got a huge bill, its really silly and i felt very terrible about it, but to pay that bill some things definitely have to give..All my shopping ends now, im only getting really necessary things and food of course.

I own someone a call, i must do that like right now.. :)

This week
I have a portfolio of practice to submit, My very good friend Peter, is coming to see me on wednesday, he's getting into the country today, cant wait to have a blast, but it seems like the hosue is going to be a full one, My housemate says his friend is coming tommorrow. wow i dont know how its gonna be, keeping my fingers crossed.

not still getting in sync with these people, some..kinda, some....never.

Cant wait to handle what this semester brings. :D


Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

Have fun with your friend Peter :-)

Babe trust me only by what is needed. I got so many bills to pay now myself :-(

have a nice week hun and ace this semster I hope I do too!

GamineGirlie said...

Thanks i sure will! :D

jemimahnaa said...

Kpele bout z bill...waitin 4 PDP..sori bout ur hat we'll get u anoda 1...