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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sticking with PDP

I have decided to adhere to my PDP, no not the political party.. my Personal Development Plan. It is part of my New year resolution, actually its taking the resolutions one step further and i have the major ones outlined. Under each of them, i will reflect on the past week, the things i did and score myself pass/fail and then decide how to make things right!

Communicating Effectively
The way i want to achieve this is to listen more to what people have to say, pay attention to briefings and guide my mind from drifting too far way. On my course, i would say i moved a step up in school but home was a disaster, So far just under a few days, i have suffered some setbacks. There was a huge misunderstanding in my house, i have no idea where it came from, and sadly i have lost all communication signals..not all, some I don't know how to salvage this situation..really. i give my self a FAIL on this even though i did communicate better with course mates and my friends (one amidst tears, i'm such a crybaby sometimes!)

Discarding Negative habits
I am a late sleeper and that leads to my waking up late in the morning, which i really cant have anymore. I need to be up by at the least, 7am every morning, i try to target 6, because i tend to snooze even after the alarm has gone off. Also, i am giving up on procrastination little by little, i was about to postpone writing this post..but i told myself i must get it done now and here i am! I definitely passed on this! i never got to school late last week, i also turned in my portfolio of practice on time! PASS. This week, i hope to keep up and also identify any other bad habit and deal with it appropriately!

Writing Better
This is definitely a FAIL, i am sad about it, the way to achieve this objective is to write something everyday on a particular topic and read some literature, and i failed WHOLLY last week. This week, i intend to do it!

Working Harder
This is a work in progress and yes, PASS on this. The new project for this semester is one that is really interesting and last week, i was assigned specific tasks which i took up with ZEAL, i even managed to teach some course mates all the techie stuff, hehe. This week, i will do my best! ^_^

Ignoring Naysayers
I have always been good at this..i tell myself, but there is a certain limit on a humans' soul. Anyways, there were moments last week where i felt like "???" completely clueless. Like..what am i doing, i remember walking through a group of my course mates who had been chatting and as i walk pass, its all quiet like you could hear the crickets..heehee. I realized i really don't have issues with people... i really don't, i just like the simple life and many seem to have issues with that. I'm grateful for the tiny bunch of friends i have..its not like they are pumping positive words and flattery down my ears, there is a honest advice and encouragment which such friends give and you are ready to become a better person even just for their sakes. PASS for last week, this week will surely be better!

Get Involved!
My friend says he worries about me, cos i dont seem to have much of a social life! lol, i don't know, i cant say i really want to go out there meeting lots of people, its not just me. Anyways this week, i resolved to be involved as much as possible, yup a PASS! I attended quite a number of lectures on Design and Design thinking, it was definitely rich and worth the time, my mind was overclocking and a bit I was also to attend the Haiti fund raiser yesterday which i missed, so sad about it. I also signed up for dog-walking (You know how much i love dogs :)). A non profit activity to help Seniors walk their dogs. i intend to continue next week, and its even diversity week at my school! i should have lots to do and lots to blog about ^_^

Show Creativity
I want to achieve this objective by illustrating everyday, by learning more about the Theories and Practice of design, also to write down my ideas, an idea everyday. I did illustrate this week, but it wasn't everyday and i also didn't write my ideas down. Even though i did learn more about Design..i give myself a FAIL on this and will work harder this week, to give myself a pass at the end.

Not bad for my first week, can't wait to see what the 'morrow would bring, can you?


Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

As I said before I love this.
This should really help you improve on things you need to.

The one I can relate to the most is
Writing better and , negative habits and working harder.

Writing better definitely consists on reading more literature and it's not so easy when time is so small but I suppose we have to manage time well.

Negative Habits- PROCASTINATION smh

Working hard - I have my days!

anyways I'm out ...

Nice Post..challenging

GamineGirlie said...

Very challenging, I am starting my week today so hopeful i have some down pat.

Janet said...

wow.. you still blog and ur blog is really incredible. dis is janami from nairaland way back then... nice

jemimahnaa said...

mon ami..i wanted to type in french but decided to spare u d stress of translating'm real happy u finally posted d PDP...m so happy bout the getting involved part and show creativity..i wont mind seeing more activity on those areas...u target waking up at u i gotta be up by 5 else l b stuck in traffic n get 2wrk l8 which i dnt intend to let happen..lurv this post and i believe it will help u keep track..all d best....muah!!!

Gamine said...

@Janami nice having you, how u been..happy new year and all.

u for type the french na >_<
kpele abt waking up so early, soon it will pass. See its so hard sticking with my PDP, but if i do need to see progress in my life its inevitable..thnx!