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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Equality Bill.

I mentioned in one of my posts about how i walked into church one Sunday morning and the prayer point raised was against the Equality Bill. I read about the bill and the long and short of the matter was that if the bill was passed would have required church groups to hire homosexuals or others whose manner of life is inconsistent with their teaching. 

What i garnered from this was, if the 'Church' wasn't run as such an institution it would have no need to pray against such kind of things, this issue wouldn't come up at all. But given the way things are now, praying against the bill seemed like the thing to.And the great thing now for them is that, the prayers have been answered. 

The House of Lords as on Monday defeated changes to the bill. Peers voted 216 to 178 in favor of Lady O’Cathain’s amendment to retain an exemption for religious groups to equality employment laws. Now that seems like a great thing, but i cant help feeling that this further Alienates the church from the majority of people. I really wouldn't want to be a part of an organisation that is discriminatory.