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Monday, January 31, 2011

Links of the day

So, yipee yay, I have started posting on my History blog again >> HERE learn and enjoy!

About not being single >> HERE

This blog is sooo much inspiration for me, I intend to have one like this soon, combining some of my blogs together.

For all you Mario fans, Funny!! >> LOL and LOL

Twitter Fans, here is yours >> LOL

So funny to me >> LOL

This Fashion Blog is Funny and Sad

How to Keep a Man

On this post I'm going to teach you how to keep a man..................NOT!
I wonder why people, women! think of such things. If a man has to be 'kept' and you actually have to go about devising ways to 'keep' him, you have failed. You don't want to admit the fact that the man doesn't really like you. Instead you think someone is going to 'snatch' him. LOL. 

Sorry, but if you think it's your cooking that will 'keep' him, think again, because there are too many people out there with better skills. If you think it's your bedroom skills, just laugh at yourself right now. If you think it's your I even need to go on. It's obvious that a man will only be with you if he wants to. When a man believes he has found someone special, no Jupiter is going to keep him away from staying, except YOU push him away. So next time you think you have to keep someone, just know that's a sign to let that person go right there.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Visualize World Peace

There's nothing that seems much bigger to me, so far in this new year than the word 'Choice' I realize how much responsibility we have to take for the decisions we make. Somehow it seems easier to just put the blame on someone else or some inanimate object! look at Adam & Eve! It doesn't matter if its fiction or not, that it was written aeons ago and is still relevant today says a lot. 

I have learnt quite a bit when it comes to making choices this year, from physical, to emotional and career choices, so much has been packed into January.  I'm glad about where I am now, sitting at this moment, writing this post and drinking a cup of rooibos. My hair is gone, I look like a 13yr old boy. My career path is clearer, I have a mentor and I'm getting interviews! I do have a job but I'm waiting for logistics to! wow. I'm getting a clearer sense of self, even though my views are said to be extreme, of who I am, as God sees me, this surely defines my step and my identity. My emotions...I'm pretty emotional, i 'feel' (true INFJ). I'm glad that now, I know how much the responsibility lies on my shoulder. If I do get sad or angry, it's my choice to either continue in it or stop it, keep calm and carry on. No one can do the deed for me. So you see, the next time I'm standing in a line, I will be visualizing world peace.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some Gay people will go to Heaven

Before, I explain why. You have to agree with the terms I am using here.

One, Gay = Homosexual behaviour, Trans or perhaps any sexually deviant behaviour.
Two, Heaven = Where God is according to 'Christianity'

You have to believe in atleast the concept of both of them, to continue reading this. Whether people were born gay or not, is not the issue of this post. People could be born with the tendency to be gay, but you know its ultimately a choice. I believe sexuality is fluid, how you fulfill the urges is what really counts towards being acceptable or not, but we make our choices at the end of the day.

Why then will Gay people (some) go to heaven? 

Romans 1:26-27: "For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence [sic] of their error which was meet."

I Corinthians 6: 9-10 ''Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men  nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God''

The first question to ask is why YOU think YOU will go to heaven. Your gossiping is not big enough to prevent you? or perhaps your lying, is a white form of it, so it doesn't really count? Your greediness? The meat you stole from the cooking pot? Are you telling me you are a perfect person now? Do you know that sin is in thoughts, words and actions? Do you think if God judged you based on that, you would pass the test? I didn't think so. 

Everyone comes short of the Holiness/Perfection of God (Romans 3:23) So I don't know how you think your behaviour is going to save you, saves you or saved you.

The Wages/Consequence of Sin = Death. (Romans 6: 23) This is why you need 'saving' because the result of your present life on earth, no matter how good you think you are, will only lead to death, because in sin you are separated from God. Thankfully, the second part says; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

Sick people wouldn't go to the Doctor if they didn't think they were sick. If you don't think you are a 'sinner' forget about Jesus Christ, honestly.  He came for the sick, He came for sinners.   Until you accept that you sin according to what is written in Bible (If you claim Christianity), only then can you accept you are in need of saving and consequently accept the payment on your behalf (Jesus shedding His blood on the cross) and then being thankful for it.


A gay person who acknowledges his 'sickness' (and this is not even just about being 'gay' sexuality is just one aspect of our lives ) and seeks the 'Doctor' will be saved from the consequence of sin in its totality which is death. How you behave as a result of believing in Jesus, will be in response to the understanding of the love and grace that is shown towards you, by doing God's will ( “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven” Matthew 7:21; Luke 6:46). You honestly can't claim to trust in someone, and then they ask you to do something and you say no. 

God sees the heart, unlike us who are quick to judge by outward appearances. But Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth will surely speak. There is a big difference between these two statements;

'I am gay and God loves me like this, there is nothing wrong in what I do' and
'I am gay and God loves me like this, but I realize God doesn't like the way I behave sometimes..'

One person, is repentant and the Other isn't. One is saying, I will do God's will, the other is saying I will do mine.
Now, tell me why the repentant One would not go to heaven when the Bible clearly says;

"Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." Romans 10: 11-13
''And everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved'' Joel 2:32
''And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved'' Acts 2:21


Women in Nigerian History

I have been doing some reading and research on particular Nigerian culture. People now resident in 'Edo' state to be precise. And it has shown me some things I knew had to be there. I can't make a full post now because I don't have notes, I lost my library card and I can't get another till..bla blah. So far I have to make do it with what I got out of it and I've been trying to write a story.

Anyways the point of this particular post is the fact that most Africans, or let me narrow it down to Nigerians, don't know where they come from, they never bothered to look at the past which has begun to affect their present way of thinking. One day we were in the sitting room, having a laugh. Then one of my uncles asked me, if Jesus Christ was for culture or against culture. He was for culture, I replied, but apparently the missionaries got it all wrong. And then a discussion ensued, between my uncles in their 40s/50s and I. Everyone agreed that the Missionaries approach was wrong and they were then used as mules for Colonialism. But one of my Uncles argued that we didn't have a good way of life..really, so in the long run it was all good, women were oppressed and what not. This was were I had to interject sharply. From my research on the tribes in present-day Edo state, Women held positions of power, they were chiefs, they chose their own way of life. The penalties of raping a woman was exile e.t.c Women were held in high esteem, it was hard to witness the loss of one woman to another tribe (in marriage). My Uncle was stunned.

If people don't take the time to understand or learn about the past, how is the quality of our present or future life going to get better. We need to educate ourselves.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Links of the day

So I've started my hair blog

I also encourage you all to visit my Natural Medicine blog I have posted on Ginger, Garlic, Onions, Tomatoes and Chamomile so far. More to come! :D

Do you want to see how Male beauty contests are done?, check it out here

So...What kind of Dog is your Pastor? Check here

You can read the short story that won the Caine Prize for African Writing here 'Stickfighting' by Olufemi Terry

Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall

Thankfully, I got put back together. The Last time I remember falling down stairs, I was below 10 years of age and I was wearing roller skates. It was also one of my cousin's birthday and I was at their house. Since then I've taken it for granted. I've seen people develop serious conditions and some have been fatal, after falling. I thank God, my left arm was busted though, my back hurt, my right arm bruised'.I am happy I didn't injure the little child who actually called me to put on his favorite nursery rhyme and was standing at the foot of the stairs. 
I cried, I cried hard. When my mind came back to me, I started to laugh, because one minute, I was talking to the child, the next I saw myself falling and could do nothing about. My aunt asked me, Are you laughing or crying, I told her I've already cried there was nothing left to do but to laugh. Thanks to Aboniki also, I'm recovering fast :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Roots

My blackness is no tower and no cathedral,
It delves into the deep red flesh of the soil.
Hooray for those who never invented anything
Who never explored anything
Who never discovered anything!
Hooray for joy, hooray for love
Hooray for the pain of incarnate tears.
- Unknown

Friday, January 14, 2011

Morality is Volatile

I don't know if people think at all, or they just try to find the easy way out or perhaps they just echo the thoughts and words of others. Whatever they do, many don't seem to understand that morals cannot be the basis of a judgment where all parties are not in agreement. Just this week I've heard people talk about moral rights, moral justification and what not when it comes to the vote and governance of a country..

What is Morality? Your sense of right or wrong, perhaps just yourself or in a group. Still you cannot project this unto someone else, except you all agreed in the first place what right and wrong was. If there is no standard of right and wrong, my morals really do not matter to someone else.

There is a standard in this world, whether we like it or not, but because of darkened minds and hardened hearts, insensitive or over-sensitive consciences, Morality has become variable. This is the reason why countries have laws. Because to one man, killing is his hobby, and to another it's a sin. But to make this fair for everyone, the people of a community need to agree whether killing is wrong or right, So if someone is found doing the opposite they can then be judged according to the laws laid down.

This is also the reason why Christianity is not based on Morality (I don't know about others). Christianity is based on an understanding as shown by the bible, an understanding of the plan of God for this world, and the need for redemption. No matter what your morals are, when you trust in the work of Jesus, when you believe in what was wrought by God, you live by that code of conduct (goes for some others). Whatever your morals were before, you'd have to put them aside and live by faith according to what your Father pleases. 

The same goes for countries and communities, If you are born into a country with certain laws, you have to learn those laws put aside your morals, and live according to the laws of that land if not you will certainly be judged by the land if you go in the opposite direction. You can now see the futility of your morality.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Significant day for me, significant day for many. I turned in an important application, while people were being told to go and register to vote in Nigeria. Now this whole voting of a thing, across the social media, you see it. On twitter there is a hashtag #ifnaijavotes where people were just tweeting jokes..indeed, the whole thing is truly funny. There is also the  R.S.V.P (Register, Select, Vote, Protect Vote) thing. One that really got me started, even pissed for a bit was a tweet I saw. I can't even remember the origin but it was retweeted by someone I follow. The tweet mentioned something about it being our moral right to hold candidates accountable if we vote. What does that mean? Moral right?? This is the problem today in Nigeria, leaving things to chance, 'eh let's vote sha, then we can complain after' One of my uncles said that the philosophy in Nigeria today is 'If there is an issue, leave it alone, it will solve itself' sadly, No issue solves itself.  Countries are not run on Morals, they are run on Laws which people (candidates) have to be made accountable to. If the average Nigerian does not know what the laws of even his Local Govt. are, what is he voting about??.

Looking at the elections and campaigns encouraging people to go and vote, I can't help but shake my head, at the foolishness which plagues almost 90% of the Nigerian populace. How is the voting going to change anything I honestly ask? Does anyone understand the implication of what we are doing, the waste and the abuse of the system we are allowing. We want people to vote based on what? Morals? Sentiments? The political parties, you can hardly tell them apart.What does PDP stand for? ANPP? Zero.

I wrote on my facebook status, 'Voting in a lawless land = Waste of time' and ofcourse many came out to drop their opinions. Some argued that we need to vote the 'right' people, before there can be a change, right. But you see, the problem with that, is we are putting the 'cart before the horse' The process we need to participate in, now, is not voting. I ask again, what are you voting against or for?

The Number one problem in Nigeria, people are not educated. This is the first process we need to go through, EDUCATION. How do people even miss this. Without this, If there is a 'good' candidate, the 'bad' ones would give people money, now tell me how a hungry man is going to resist that. RSVP, they shout, oh so vague! Ofcourse I'm going to protect the vote someone paid me for. People need to know the Laws! Another issue with this is, we all have become comfortable in the lawlessness of Nigeria, we have become 'Used to it' This would indeed be a tough process but we need to go through it.

Number two, if we want real change, a proper revolution in Nigeria, everyone, atleast the majority have to back one leader they feel, according to laid down laws, will be the best for the country. Also, the candidate has to be an equal and opposite force to the 'hooligans' in the country. Its like we can't see how desperately the 'bad' people want the power, why can't a 'good' person want it that desperately, want to actually change things that badly with the means and influence to. All those screaming RSVP and what not are so lost it makes me hang my head in shame. If you can't back a candidate, don't throw people out to the wolves, Register and Vote, for whom??? Those who claim to be 'Knowledgeable' and educated, are JUST NOT doing it right, sad.

Nigeria is upside down, and this election process proves it. I would have expected the opposite if at all. A revolution where people are told NOT to vote until there's transparency in the government and the average man knows and understands the law of the land, or at-least have representatives who do. If I judge the situation from the way things have been going, I don't know if it will ever get right. I don't have much hope left but Nigerian I still am, Nigerian I will always be.

Can I date an Atheist.

Yes, only an Atheist who is unsure of his beliefs, would be able to tolerate me, someone who not only believes God exists, but also believes in God. Maybe, we can't really call this person an Atheist, but many tend to wear the garment without really knowing what it means.

I was answering this question on my twitter timeline when someone decided to engage me in a debate. I had initially said that Atheists weren't as tolerant as spiritual people. I tried to put it mildly but the truth is Atheism DOES NOT tolerate 'God'. It's absurd to think it does, if it does then, it's no longer Atheism. In fact If I was Atheist, I'd be livid if someone thought otherwise.

What is Atheism? In a broad sense, it is the rejection of belief in the existence of deities. Simply put by Wikipedia, It hasn't been disputed, that's why it's the number one result I get when I type 'Atheism' in google.

This person went on to argue that he was operating under the premise that, An Atheist is simply one who believes in the absence of God. He felt i was painting Atheists with too broad a brush. How??
I tried to let him know, Atheism wasn't what he took it to be. Atheism is not about the absence of God. Atheism is a total denial of existence. 

Atheism is like a vacuum. Putting tolerance under Atheism is like saying a vacuum should have some fresh air. How can it? and still remain a vacuum? to tolerate any matter. It would no longer be a Vacuum. 

Why is Spirituality more tolerant?

A vacuum can exist in a place filled with matter, but nothing can exist in a vacuum.

So, really..Date an Atheist??

When it really comes down to it, dating a True Atheist would be really difficult, especially for the Atheist. But it is quite hard to date someone who believes you are 100% deluded for believing a god exists.


Soo I finally done it! :D Gone ahead and gave myself a make
After paying a fortune to get my locks levelled, I realized there were still a few strands longer than the rest, aaargh. When I was having the hair cut, it was almost blisssss, It has been quite a while since someone else touched my hair, and I know that feeling as to be one of my best *Not letting out any secret :D * anyhow, I enjoyed the cut.

Getting home, my uncle's son was looking at me weird, then asked 'Did someone die?' I almost literally tried to roll on the floor laughing, except he would have thought there was no hope for me at all. I just managed a chuckle and said 'Noo'. Some moments later, my Uncle sights me, and he goes 'I've never seen any girl like you' mutters to my aunt in yoruba 'omo eh...something something' then he says to me, 'Why does everything you do just resemble Fela'  ROTFLMAO in my mind again. I smiled and continued with what I was doing, wheww it's all gone sha...

I want to open a new blog which would document solely, my hair journey. I want to stick with a flexible programme, so hopefully the blog would help keep me on track! yay! I feel really good though :D

Sunday, January 9, 2011

We are friends, really?

So, I read recently of a blogger who died from cancer. One of his 'friends' had exclaimed that they didn't even know about it and that really made me wonder, and took my mind back to this post I made a while ago. How well do we know our friends?, or should we even call them friends. Are there other words, one can use to really put this in perspective, this relationship, because I don't know. 
It disturbs me, how much social media has also played a part in this, while connecting people leaves much to be desired underneath. I'm not up for meeting everyone I talk to online, but even those I know, who I wouldn't call friends, I have a bit of care for, talk much more of those who I hold close to my 'bosom' . One could also argue that a person only shares what they are willing to share. From what I've learnt so far, people would share anything if they would feel comforted from just talking to that person, sadly many we call friends don't.
I don't have many people I call friends, but I try to let them know that communication is what binds us. I have no problem if we drift apart, we would no longer be friends, and then I don't expect a lot of sharing in that direction. Still, every single, I try to become someone people would find comfort in. Some of us are indeed stronger than others.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Links of the day

  • This is one of the nicest things I have ever seen done by an airline, I wish I was one of those passengers. It was a really kind gesture, Makes my heart warm.
  • If you like Mathematics or just Learning about different things, I am sure you will appreciate, The complexity of this theory and enjoy 'Applying Mathematics To Web Design' in this piece 
  • Some have asked, is free-will a myth?, well check this out
  • I get nostalgic quite often, so I have to ask, am I the only one who misses this phone? 
  • This got me laughing to be honest
  • If you are interested  in the history of Africans in Ancient China & Vice Versa, you should read this

In the middle of unknowns

This is where I am ----------------> x \O/ y
x = unknown
y = unknown

How do I solve this equation?

I really don't know what to think, but I don't like being in the midst of things completely beyond my control. I have to wait, wait, wait.

I lost my Library card, so I can't even go there until I get this *application* sent in. That really bothers me. But I'm glad about a lot of things happening. I see my career path clearer now, plus my sister has finally gone to school, yippe yay! I should be visiting her in a bit. My PP's will officially start for the year, this weekend. I've done enough lazying about, holidays are over.

I really have to remember to 'Write good deeds on stone, and bad ones on water' So easy to do the opposite.
Still, I can't believe what I was going crazy over, over there is now happening to me.... Aah well, moving on with life. I've rediscovered my favorite tunes, but my computer is giving me all shades of frustration and is leading me unto the path of destruction, my head is done in! Can't wait to get a new one >.<

Monday, January 3, 2011


So the first two weeks are a huge decider on what path my year is going to take. I would be in one of two countries. For different reasons I don't mind being in and out of both. But, I do love a little adventure, and I'm too 'romantic' for my liking.

Some time ago I compartmentalized my life into three areas, Professional, Personal and Social. Some things do blur the line, but I realize I never really get anywhere if I don't hold on to some form of structure in my life. I'm thinking of going back to this both off and online. There's obviously no privacy on the internet but atleast I could show the sides I want to certain peoples ;)

Just when I thought I read alot, I find out it's just been a drop in the ocean, plus I have found the career area which combines everything I want, and I have experience in it, which I never really explored. So I'm going to be reading lots! across these areas. Tthree books which I'm using to kick-start my year are, Bonfire of The Vanities by Tom Wolfe (first read it when I was 8), 2000 seasons by Ayi Kwei Armah (Highly recommended), Gamestorming by Gray, Brown and Macanufo (Career

I have LOTS to write, It's not even funny  >..< Hopefully I should continue in no time :O


These are the last three Movies I watched, And I loved every single one of them. There were some things I learnt from the lot and I guess in my interaction over the year when it comes to people. Narnia as usual has been really spot on especially when it comes to Christian living. The animation was on point, musically there, it was a great package in all. But what I took most from it was about Looking into the mirror and seeing the best YOU, facing fears, acknowledging them first and then confronting them, because at the end of the day that is what eats you up inside.
Toe to Toe, gave an insight into the world that exists in some parts of the States. But clearly shows how we can't neglect the part of us that is uniquely human, the capacity for empathy and what not. great acting also.
How to marry a Millionaire is a feel good comedy, but it did teach some life lessons, All is not what it seems, the content of a person is usually want matters the most.
Up Next, Tron Legacy! iHope


For someone like me, being more of an Ideas person, I have one million and one solid ideas, but getting them off the ground is plenty difficult. I really do think I need people or someone standing beside me who has the energy I lack. Maybe I don't need anyone, maybe it's really just up to me. I will see how this year goes with the lot of them.
F.Design, History (Mine, Africa and ties) Illustration, Natural Love, Websites e.t.c

Now, to go on with my January, I leave you with one of the best videos I've ever seen on you-tube, filled with awesomeness, How to Be Alone enjoy!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


I wanted to write something really profound about New Year celebrations, maybe I still would but for now, I will recommend two books that touched me life so far. You don't have to be religious or a Christian to read them, they just deserve an open mind. They aren't exhaustive but do paint a great picture. Enjoy.

Why Trust The Bible by Amy Orr-Ewing