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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Used to it

I AM USED TO IT, he said. I tasted bile. I wanted to slap his brains out, but the immediate realization that he probably didn’t have any brains to begin with, to have made such a comment left me feeling disgusted. My stomach churned.

I wanted to throw up, used to it? Used to mediocrity, used to living in the mire used to stolen choices, used to being a 10th class citizen in your own country, which sane person can be used to Nigeria??!!!. 

My friend and I had been discussing , her past and current situation. We were on the particular topic of power and he goes to say something stupid like, He’s used to it?? I had a rush of emotions, I wanted to laugh, I wanted to cry as my mind came back to this article i had seen earlier. Nigerians are indeed cowards, I can clearly see where the problem lies and the writer stated it, the average Nigerian is used to the situations and likes to just manage things. For people who are used to a particular situation where is the zeal for change? Non-existent. 

I remember a chat with another friend, he said he loved the freedom in Nigeria, no stress on taxes, he could park anywhere on the road, he could drive as fast as he wanted anywhere , he could do almost anything in Nigeria and get away with it, sure I thought,  when a head of state can loot our treasury in broad daylight and get away with it, when the so-called guardians of the nation chop the cake everyday, what more do you expect from this chaotic mass. 

Cowards, yes, to be used to this situation, to put aside courage, cowards indeed. 

I am not used to it, never was, never will be. A nation owes its citizen these basic things, power, water, food, access to quality healthcare, education which if it fails to provide is a failed state. i just saw the pictures of a guy who committed suicide because of the rubbished state our educational systems are in..i still have tears in my eyes

Just when I thought this joke of a country couldn’t get any funnier they go ahead to provide 24hrs cctv in lagos, charge lower animals for crime, a goat for armed robbery, soon they would be arresting mosquitoes for murder. 

At this point I can say I have no loyalty to this failed country even though i love it, I am loyal to my tribe, we just happened to be passing through when we got hedged into this country...I kid.

I could go on and on but Nigerians know what the problem is, themselves! Their top priority is Make money, regardless, so who really cares whether Nepa takes light, abeg we are used to it, I have a borehole in my house, if nepa take their light, me I have gen,,

Some people say those who travel overseas are the cowards, thats plain nonsense, those who travel are rebelling IMO, which is a form of protest, protest against the nonsense that Nigeria is. I heard someone prophesied that there wont be constant power supply till 2017, that’s not too far, I will still be in my twenties, maybe I would come back to Nigeria then
For now…

with all the calm I could muster, I replied my friend


Steve Finnell said...

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jemimahnaa said...

​​​​‎​​=))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=)) we r indeed cowards i v 2admit,we v over tym n tnx 2our nature as beings adapted 2d situation of Nigeria.evry1 nw tinks in d 'every man 4 himself' way n m nt xcluded.we need an antivirus 2clear out d virus dts eating us up.serious re-orientation of Nigerian citizens is d 1st point of call.i v no clue where we will start from on dat bt it is essential!wen i went 2singapore we tuk a tour of d city n at sm point d tour guide pointed out d presidents house n trust me if she hd nt pointd it out i would nt v knwn!citizens were walking past conductn deir biz n d house hd only 2guards in front of it.singapore cut out frm malaysia sm tym bk,dey v few human resources,natural resources,land area n no water cos d 1dey v is polluted so dey import water!yet u hd 2c dis country,dey hd made d best outta wat dey hd n we were made 2understand dat it is cos of d attitude of d citizens dt tins wrk in d country,dey obey d laws n r not greedy and corrupt.nid compare singapore 2Nigeria.i'd fil up d comment gap.

GamineGirlie said...

eeh see Essay!
Yup, you are spot on. My passion now is waking up minds, getting people to think