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Thursday, November 18, 2010


It was a long day. I think the best decision I made was to wear my purple 'space-age' leather/patent-leather boots. I marched through the field which seperated my house and the train station with glee. But as I got to the station I would have to wait 15mins till the next train, WHAT?!?! I needed to not fall into Peak fare time!. Oh no!. But through the speakers the news that Someone had thrown Her/Himself under a train at Bond Street station made the delay make sense. It was also sad. Understandable, but sad.

I got to the Library which was my first point of call, and registeration went smoothly! I also took the prettiest Passport photo I've ever had in my life! If you see my Nigerian Passport photo, you will run wild with laughter, Even my dad was upset about it.
So far I haven't really blogged about many of my interests here, I left that to my school blog, where all the 'Serious' stuff went. But now I'm in the process of revamping it, so I will continue here. I am presently researching IFA, Origins of the world, Japanese culture, Uneme culture, Personality Typing (Myers-Briggs and Jung). So I spent about two hours at the Library. Then I had to head out to the place I volunteer and take a course at around 7pm.

When I left the library it was pouring, I had no hood, no hat, thank goodness my hair is not relaxed!lol. I found the bus stop amidst the rain. Somehow I got off at the wrong stop and managed to get lost. I was going to be late! it took me an hour to get there. Along the way, I was assaulted by a drunken man..He'd have had to be drunk! I was trying to cross the road, and he stopped me midway. I could have gotten hit by a car! He dragged my bag and my arm, being the highly reactive person that I am, I shrugged him off and ran for my dear life while he still mouthed, quite loudly, incoherent words. I was a bit shaken but happy I was almost at the venue.

My hair! Just as we finished for the day, One of the 'white' girls in my group says..'Your hair is done differently today, I like it, I wish my hair could do that' I just chuckled. My hair was pulled up, I can't really describe it, but yeah it looked very good to I started to get a bit defensive in my head. Why would she say that? but she probably had the best intentions, no? or was she just trying to be friendly 'cause I mentioned that ALL my friends are Nigerians. Maybe if she had stopped at 'Your hair is nice' I wouldnt have thought these thoughts. oh well, too late! Its funny that our hair, can imitate other 'races' hair, but they could never get the curly we have. I'm so proud of it ^_^.