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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This Rape Thing

I was on twitter, the day started generally upbeat, then one of those I follow tweeted this link, and I usually open 99% of the links she tweets, So I did and started to read.

It just began to stir what had been in sitting in my soul. And I was really boiling. I CANNOT comprehend HOW a RAPE victim can be BLAMED!!!!!!!!!! was one of the first things I tweeted. And then, one of my followers starts to ask me if its true some girls enjoy rape??? maybe if rape was just about having sex.

The annoying thing is most RAPE happens inside a nice warm house, with someone the VICTIM KNOWS. People are so quick to dismiss the topic, I WONDER WHY?? Only the previous day had I watched on the telly, A man who murdered his wife because he didnt want her to know he raped two young girls. Another follower then tweeted, maybe those who commit rape are starved of sex. Why are people so quick to justify these actions?? How do you know he/she is being starved of sex?? Rape is not about whether the person was starved or not. 

The only persons who may have an excuse are those who have Mental problems or Those who have been cursed from their village. Some people like to turn their noses, because it seems like such a messy thing to think about. In the case I watched on TV, probably the woman thought, Rape doesnt affect me, I have no daughters and I live in a very protected little town with the nicest husband, but it was the Husband who RAPED, and didn't want her to know it, so he sent her to the great beyond with a hammer while she slept.

I didnt know my neighbors were Rapists, once upon a time in Victoria Island. One New Years day in a far away country, I KNEW. I blogged about the incident, because it really hurt me So-called Island Oil Big boys!!! They were NOT starved of any sex!! They had been raping others, but no one cared cause they were 'Sluts' anyways, plus they were given money. Then they raped a 16 year old girl on New Years day. A girl who came to visit at my house.

RAPE hardly occurs ALONE, theres always some other 'Crime' before and after it. It usually comes with a multitude of lies and some times psychological raping of the victims mind. It could also end up in death. How can anyone still see this as a trivial issue 'You are not the first to be raped' Disgusting!

One of my followers, a guy again said he didn't know, having sex with one's wife without her consent was rape, and I told him, well now, You know!. It takes a wise person to realise where he has been wrong and CHANGE. The burden falls on Human kind, people need to Wake up. We need a serious re-orientation, people shouldn't be taken for granted this way!

In the book, Perdido Street Station by China Mieville, RAPE was punishable by EXILE, (and even some body parts were ripped off). Because it is to STEAL/DESTROY someones chance/choice, just like Murder. But In our society rape gets what, 2 years in jail or none at all?

So someone else, a girl asks me if rape occurs outside the frequent, Male to Female bracket. YES, surely because its more about Power, Force and control than sex itself. There is a case in the first link where a/an homosexual guy goes on a date and his partner rapes him.

Rape occurs ANY which way...Thinking of it now, I know some girls back in Boarding school who were raped by some of our seniors *shudders*

The only situation where I can maybe blame a Victim of Rape is if (for example) The guy was wearing a 'I am a RAPIST' sign and she still followed him. It would be a pity because perhaps the girl thought she/he had a 'Sense of humour'

Just to further understand what Rape is about, here is a parallel.

There was a punishment I was given when I was in Nursery school, I was still called Nurietu then. I wonder why I never forgot, now I know. I was asked to drink water by my aunt. As simple as that. And I loved water then, LOVED it. Only that, I didnt want to drink Water at that time, and I was given about 10 bottles to drink. While I attempted to get past 1 bottle, NO, I wasn't thinking of how much I LOVED water, I was thinking of how much I HATED my aunt.

It is my heartfelt desire, that people stop turning away from the issues. People don't want to talk about it, if we don't, how will anything change?. Another guy on my timeline says, 'Its like any other crime, people will always get raped' Rape is not like any other crime. In many instances, It would not be seen as a crime, therein lies the issue. My people please, let's Wake UP.

P.S: I find that even the so-called intelligent/intellectual men are usually mute on this topic, some say it would just be stating the obvious. This is where you see Assumption becoming a Hydra. If It was so damn obvious and people used their common-sense why is this commonplace? Sometimes the so-called obvious needs to be CARVED in the sky.


eccentricyoruba said...

I don't think people understand that rape is not about sex at all, it is about power. Nigerian society just loves turning a blind eye at rape, you know because it doesn't happen to 'good girls' and only to 'bad girls' who were asking for it. Bulls*t like that make my blood boil!

See, most of the tops I bought in England, I can't wear them here because they show just a hint of my cleavage and it is 'improper' and 'not decent' because if any man should see it, is me that is tempting him with my horrible seductive female body. Or some other ish like that. I don't understand this mentality and it sickens and disturbs me to no end.

Just tonight on TV some idiot was making a joke about beating wives? And women in the audience were laughing?! What on earth is wrong with people. Honestly this mentality just has to change.

And what you said about rape getting 2 years in jail? Have you not heard about the woman who is in jail for being raped? Ugh. Sometimes this world just sucks.

P.S When I initially read this I thought you were mad that the person who put up this link on Twitter...

GamineGirlie said...

The issue about people bringing it on themselves is just the most rubbish idea. I've been in every Classic rape 'situation' . IS it a dark alley? Alone with an older man who i just met? Alone with a guy who said I looked like 'awoof' and nothing has happened to me. There is NOTHING that can justify these actions anywhere.

Yeah I read that story. She was pressured to give up the case, then she took it on again..and so on. It was a very chilling depiction of our society as it really is.

P.S I first wrote, 'one of my followers' but it didnt sound right because the people I follow are more important to me than my 'followers'

Anonymous said...

in a case of 1 on 1 pls kick hard btwn his legs, smash both eggs.