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Monday, November 1, 2010


The number palindrome, this is a significant day for me, and perhaps millions of the world population, Some were born and some died. I am glad to be among the living. My sister also gave birth to a baby girl in the wee hours of the day, bless. At that time, on my own side of the world, I had passed through an experience both sordid and enlightening.

In true INFJ style, I don't like confrontations, and I would avoid it as much as possible, 'cause I know depending on the level, things may never go back to how they were.. but what do you do when someone puts it on you. It's my initial reaction to resist or get stubborn about it. Alas, I was dealing with the wrong person. It hurt me just thinking about the implications of things said, and I couldn't hold back the tears. Which further escalated the whole brouhaha. Anyways, I know I'm hard hearted to an extent, I wasn't always this way, but life has made me so. Some may argue that I haven't any experience, but I have seen with my own two eyes what Humans can do to Humans.

I cried a whole lot, and while still recovering from my 'flu' wasn't a good look. Everything I wanted to say sounded better in my head, but I just couldn't communicate effectively the way I felt, because my state of mind was hurt and very torn.

Anyway, I do understand that a whole lot of what happened was my fault, If i was serious enough, I wouldn't even be in the vincinity in the first place, for such to happen. I can only hope that it never does take place again, that I may look upon this day and just laugh and perhaps not I realise it's possible to love someone without liking them. Now I know a couple, I don't like.


lawwyy said...

u can love someone without liking em, that's interesting...gotta be more.