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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This Social Network and Others


I was going to write a lot concerning social netwworks and the effect on the world and our general outlook, but then I got tired. My brain was shutting down. But very plainly, I watched this movie yesterday, about facebook founders. One emotion I felt when i left the cinema was jealousy!. Hmm, Yeah. I told my friend I wished I was the one who thought of and created facebook. But mm..its not that I was disgusted by the animosity that developed between friends because of such a fickle thing as money..sigh, Human nature. Overall, It was an OK movie.


I gave my friend my Fela book on Monday, and while reading on the tube, he almost missed his stop. The book is THAT good. You will be doing yourself a great disservice if you don't read it, HONESTLY! I don't agree with all the ideology presented there, but I think the most important, A cry for Nigerians, A cry for Africans to WAKE UP can be felt and agreed with.....


I also caught a cold on Monday, I saw my friend off, and I wasn't prepared for the biting conditions. I got home and started wheezing, sneezing, coughing..I could hardly sleep. The next morning..yesterday, no one told me to go take a clove of garlic. I also made a Cough syrup, chopped and mashed garlic mixed with honey, which is left for some time, works WONDERS. This cough didn't see the light of today. I shared it on Twitter (Power of social network) and one of my followers decided to try, she called it my Babalawo thingz..ordinary garlic and honey o! LOL Anyways, I will wait to hear her verdict tomorrow, but Garlic is very potent #thatisall


jemimahnaa said...

Vnt seen d social network movie yet so no comment on dt for nw.rily misd reading ur blog tho dint knw its bin so fun readin it tho.bout garlic and honey nt new jo :p but honey and lime in hot lipton is ma remedy mehn! U should start producing garlic and honey cough syrup na!lol.I want d fela book o'pweety pweeeeaaasssseeeeee'tnx hun.

GamineGirlie said...

Go and buy it jo, its just 1, Your honey and Lime cannot stand a chance near garlic.The only problem with garlic is the smell, but thats a solid business idea ooooooh