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Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Best place to meet a 'Mate'

A friend swears today that I will marry a guy I met on the internet and he will be there for my wedding. 'Probably' I told him, I also had to laugh then and we went into a discussion of marriage, weddings and the love we share ^_^ lol.
It was only a while ago that I was thinking up what to post today, that it came to me that I had read an article somewhere which asked 'Where is the best place to find a mate' . There's something funny in my head when someone says 'mate' I instantly think 'Animal Kingdom'...But the responses were really funny. Some said if you are in the States, ''go to a harvard business school conference...there you will meet fine bobos and sisis with bright prospects. never fails!'' very funny. Many locations, like the church, work, weddings, library, even clubs were mentioned. I decided to google to see what I could find. 
According to

(1) Work (2) Health Clubs (3) Church (4) Homes and parties of mutual friends (5) Weddings (6) Conferences and Conventions (7) Social and Community Organizations (8) Public Transportation - Bus Stops,Train Stations, Airports (9) Laundromats (10) Supermarkets

For me, I couldn't be bothered to go out normally but, 
Work - I have worked around attractive young men, but they were mostly 'taken' so, severely off my sights, I only had one married guy, who still claims love for me even now after 2yrs so interested in me. I don't like the idea to be honest.
Health Clubs - Maybe I need to google and find them ASAP! lol
Church - I always feel weird when I am approached in church on this matter, one reason I don't go to the same church more than twice in a row, Infact I stopped going to church altogether (jking) but yeah, it erks me, but i know its very possible.
Homes and Parties of friends - Hmm, but I wouldn't go to a party just like that, haven't been to a house party since I was a teenager (ok ok...still trying to remember)
Weddings - I don't attend weddings, my mum used to say, 'If you don't attend other people's weddings who will attend yours?' Well it works for me! 'cause I don't want every T, D and H at mine! I only attended two weddings in more than ten years, My sisters' and my friend, where I was on her train, Those are the only exceptions I make.
Conferences and Conventions - Just like the Harvard, Hmm..I don't like large crowds, I could only go with a group of people and I would be extremely businesslike here, In fact you go fear my face, I doubt any guy would be sizing me up! lol
Social and Community Organizations - A bit more chill than the above, I actually wouldn't mind.
Public Transportation - I think of Nigeria, and I'm filled with laughter. Well I have locked eyes with a few guys, exchanged smiles even said a few words. This one could be quite romantic ^_^
Laundromats - I don't go there, I actually wanted to go once, but I postponed it like no tomorrow, I just couldn't be bothered meeeehn.
Supermarket - If He offers to pay for my monthly shopping, why not! if not, No can do! hehe. Honestly, I would dislike being approached here, It could be nice, who knows!

Anyhow, I do know I’ve met the best men (mate so far in my life ONLINE! lol! I spend lots of my time on here so why not, and it wasn’t at any dating site..pls I can’t spend any money, I’m not that And none of us were ‘looking’ But me I can’t date anyone I haven’t actually seen or interacted with physically. The ones I got to meet physically so far, have been really great guys (some) but not just for me :) . Still hoping to meet one very awesome guy next month, fingers crossed.hehe
Therefore! The best place you can meet your ‘mate’ is where people are! and You can meet people ANYWHERE, online or offline. If they will be your mate consequently...depends on who they are, and not where you met them. It depends on your compatibility and level of commitment, not location.


jemimahnaa said...

V gt a strong belief u'll mit ur 'mate' online because u spend a lotta time there and i believe any1 u'll b so interested in as 2venture in2 a reltnship will v a strong online personality hence d probability u'll likely bump into each oda online dan in d 'real world'.m kipin ma fingers crossed also and waving ma 'good vibe scented sticks'.wink*.i wanna also add dt locating prospective 'mates' is d 1st and a very important step b4 d other factors cm in2 play

GamineGirlie said...

I honestly do not want a guy who is always online o. The guy I'm crossing my fingers for now, was just a stroke of luck. He's not interested in keeping an online personality..not that I know of though.
So yeah thats me. While it wont be bad to meet someone online, I dont want him immersed in social networking.