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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So............somehow everything came together yesterday! I'd been thinking of what to write, of course I knew the direction I wanted to go in, but It didn't still seem alive to me. Yesterday I had a friend over, and we talked about several things. It all began to come together in my head the things I should write about, the way i should write and  eureka! I have a story. It may be nothing by some so-called standards but I need to start somewhere, We Nigerians need to start somewhere, by telling our stories how it actually was, not the way the 'White' man has painted it and spread for the whole world to believe. 

It's really hard to think for us that came from a civilization of the Egyptians could have gone from that to nothing. Thankfully the truth is beginning to come out and hopefully, people would begin to embrace the truth. It is always difficult to come in from no where and try to change someone's conviction about something. The illustration I always use is the Cow and Goat. If for years a group of people have been told that A Cow is a Goat, How dare you come and tell them that the animal they call Goat, is really just a Cow. Convictions are hard to break, but there is a certain power in Stories, Literature and Entertainment as a whole.

Anyways I'm going to look for more books, I could use for my story. I would start writing now, but reading is never a wasted effort ^_^. I also need focuuuuuuuuuuss.

On another hand I've been having some weird dreams about a Japanese prince...talking about hearing his own side of the story, perhaps its just my recent readings and the whole 'story' thing that has triggered this, but could there be more to it? Wash at for Part Two!!!! lol. 



eccentricyoruba said...

You're participating in NaNo as well? Great stuff. I had my idea before this month but nothing solid. I am also interested in showing African history but I have difficulties writing anything that does not fall within the realms of speculative fiction. The world I've built for my story is based on East African history.

And you better listen to this Japanese prince o. I'm sure he is trying to contact you from the other dimension ;D I'm at the edge of my seat already awaiting Part Two!

GamineGirlie said...

Nice one, will be waiting to read your story.

As for the prince, hopefully a clearer revelation when I sleep tonight! lol

jemimahnaa said...

I will be waiting to read both of ur sories.l start disturbin(motivatin) u bout it.u cn tank me l8r.I tink
movies,advertisment and literature are d strongest in changing my convictions!hmmmm...ur japanese prince(too much manga or anime or books) or dere's anoda dimension out dere n he's trying 2tell u smtn important like an episode outta d fringe series(u should be more attentive next time o maybn its an ingenius idea dt can transform d world and try 2remember wen u wake up.dts ususally d hard part.

GamineGirlie said...

I havent watched anime or read manga in decades!!! lol. You arent doing you motivational job madam o.