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Thursday, November 11, 2010


That was the first thought or word that came into my mind when I first laid eyes on him. I work in customer service, behind the computers, working away Well I don’t personally attend to customers, but I see them come into the office, we are separated by a sheet of plexi-glass. 

Anyway, I sent my friend and partner, Tomi an IM, "See that guy he looks like a bear", she paused, glanced at him, looked at me, we both giggled and she sent the ROTFL smiley. We usually had some fun, teasing people harmlessly, when we were less busy. Man, woman, hot, unhot, fine, unfine, Everyone that unfortunately or fortunately walked through the Customer Service Doors of SomeTelComm. We were sending messages back and forth, I wrote to Tomi that he could just start smashing things around in the office and no one wold be able to stop him, Tomi guessed his height, 6.5 max, weight? 300 pounds I sent, ROTFL smiley again from Tomi. I replied with the same, I giggled openly and looked up for a final glance and the strangest thing happened, he happened to look my way and our eyes met or I Imagined it, because the glass was one way, people couldn’t really see inside, but we could see out. 

It was almost 5pm, the hour of salvation. "Lets do this thing and get out of here oh, are we still going to see that movie?", I sent, 'yes now!' Tomi replied, Tomi the movie buff. With that we tied up our assignments, when we got ready to leave, the "Grizzly" came to my mind, I didn’t even know when he left, oh whatever

Silverbird Galleria, the world of unneccessary hookups and bump-intos, I despise the place, if not for the movie, I wont even stress my head. We left our office on Saka Tinubu in Tomi’s Green Jalopy as we had christened the Yaris, her father had given her. My own car, well, I cant even

As we came out, checked each other out, 'you look hot jo!' Tomi said, as I put on extra lipgloss, "as hot as Tomi? I don’t think so". In our tweed suits we catwalked into the galleria, took the escalator straight to the ticket booth, purchased two tickets for Hancock. As usual one is bound to meet person or persons known , we had to chat with a couple of people before we got into the screening room. Tomi, a Classmate from University, Me, a former toaster and a Customer. 

As we got into the hall burdened with popcorn and soda, my ticket floated to the floor and in the bid to retrieve it, someone picked it up and was handing it to me, when I turned and saw GRIZZLY behind the person, I almost showered the carpet with a mix of sugar popcorn and even more sugary soda. I regained my balance, gave a quick smile at all and caught up with Tomi, who had gone to secure "quality" seats, as she always called them. I just couldnt believe Grizzly was here, oh ofcourse, he doesn’t know me. I told Tomi she laughed it off and settled into the movie.

When we were done, Tomi was slightly disappointed but I thought it was quite funny, we walked as fast as possible to the car, Tomi had to drop me at home, I stay in VI with my cousins and aunty while Tomi lives in Lekki phase one with Family. Getting home, I was so tired, I grabbed a bit of yam and egg, my dear cousin had prepared and went straight to bed.

I still have the Grizzly on my mind, He was everything I didnt like, Dark, Big, Hairy. Somehow this dude is lodged in my head.

I wrote this back in 2008 on some forum.


jemimahnaa said...

Lmao! 2008 huh.u should kip writing me dear

GamineGirlie said...

I probably should ^_^