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Tuesday, August 31, 2010



My name is Rowland.I am a Nigerian located in Nigeria.I am 34 years old single and never married.

I am a Consultant.

I saw and picked interest in you and would want to get to know you better.

In a nutshell i would want to go into a committing and serious relationship with you.

Can we work something out.I really want to know you better.

Lastly can i call you on phone please.

Sorry if i am bothering you.But i am really serious.

I am waiting


WHAT THE CRACK?! upon all my security on facebook.
Do people still fall for this???

Friday, August 27, 2010

Who Remembers?

''Sunlight, pure sunlight in water', pure sunlight in waaater, 
is all that you need. 
Long-lasting sunlight, fresh as the morning, take care of your family, 
with pure sunlight in water''

I was doing the dishes today and I remembered, I'm not sure if these are the real words

Thursday, August 26, 2010

That time of the month again

So it is here again, and being like some1million plus people who put their birth dates on facebook, i put mine. 
Now i have to put up with people writing all over my wall, people who...frankly I do not know who they are.
What did i really hope to achieve with that......

HB TO Me! :D

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ride on Time

If you haven't listened to this song ever, I wonder where you have been on this planet.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Friend of my Friend is my Enemy

Not quite...but i realize i usually don't like having dealings with them. I wonder if i'm the only one who thinks this way. If i don't become friends with them, by themselves..then it's usually a no-way street.

I dunno if its just selfishness, maybe i need to just come to terms with the fact that my friends have a life aside me ¬.¬

I want to be a Porn Star!

So my friend wakes up this morning to ask me 'What's your take on Lawrence Fishburne's daughter issue?' Sure i am aware of it, being that every time I open my computer I would see it somewhere on the internets. Funny enough, I've had no take on it...strange.

My friend goes on to argue that it was perfectly ok, and normal. 'But you see even that brings up the questions, What is normal? what is ok? and many more' I tell him, adding 'One thing i do know though is, people are hypocrites'
I say that from the Father's perspective I would hurt, because She was once a little girl with other dreams.
My friend is unconvinced. He says he believes the general reaction, have been more of disbelief than outrage, people asking questions like 'Does she really think she needs to do that???'. Possibly, I think, i also don't think she was forced into it.

My friend says he doesn't pity the father, and I. don't think its about Pity. I look at my niece, as a 1yr old child, i can't imagine the transition. It cannot even cross my mind (before yesterday). I guess its possibly the same emotions that run through a Parent's mind when their child 'comes out of the closet' It doesn't fit the pattern of 'Normal'

My friend sticks to the notion that perhaps Lawrence himself wasn't a good father, because he doesn't understand how ones child could be involved in such and doesn't know until everyone knows. He said if one is that close to their children they ought to have picked up such. I only agree to an extent, because i know teenagers when it comes to such matters, parents are sometimes the last to know, no matter how close they are.

The girl claims that Lawrence hasn't spoken to her since, maybe He doesn't want to listen. My friend does raise a very valid point at this time. 'What some parents do, bad parents'. He begins 'When their children do anything they consider 'shameful' they react in the stupidest way possible by cutting them off . If the child was wayward and confused when things were 'ok' , when you were talking, when you stop talking, what do you expect? If your child has bad friends, won't cutting him/her off just drive her back to those same friends?'

I agreed with that, and he left my messenger saying 'since you've agreed..'.
I didn't know he was just trying to prove a point! lol. But he did make me think about the issue (and blog it!)
But yeah, I cant understand her mode of thinking, and as a parent, the only thing i would be able to do is love her as i've always done.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Power

Celine Dion even sang about it, 'The power of Love' and being the romantic, naive female i am, i believed it.

Until yesterday, when my Uncle had a frank talk with me, heck i was tres embarrassed, but fact is fact. I came to the sad realization that the power didn't lie in Love.

I began to understand why a young graduate who has everything going for her, would stick to an ex-convict, who has no iota of 'kind' in him. Why a young lady would drive herself to debt just so she can marry the dashing young 'jobless-with no spine for better' male. I understood, but i couldn't sympathize.

No one readily admits it,they use 'Love' to mask it. Now I know the truth, What am I going to do?

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I love descriptive novels, because it makes me escape into the writing even more. Its usually like I am watching a video in my head.

I read this book when I was about 10,11 I think. Yeah, I read lots of books that age, I really had no business reading. But I loved this book.

I have always been intrigued by America's history and everything that surrounds it. The ins and outs of the people, how much they were interwoven.The story deals with several families living in the Chesapeake Bay area, from 1583 to 1978. A large book.

There is so much I could speak about, but the setting in Chesapeake bay was so descriptive, I had dreams of living in that time, I got my atlas ..(no google maps then) Looked for the location and began to just envision all I was reading. It was an amazing book to read.

I experienced a wide range of emotions, happiness, laughter, I cried sometimes. It covered a whole range of topics as humanity allows, but I understood it all.

I want to read this book again.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Hot Chicks and Electric Pianos

What more do ya want?


I wish i could swear sometimes, because no other set of english word carries the same emotions of frustration, anger... But I think I don't like to use it because I don't like the sound of me saying it or the thought of me saying...

When i was much younger..when i used to read the dictionary, i knew i needed i set of words i could use in place of F*** and so on and so forth. So i found out hat Dang, Darn, Frigging..where pretty much tamer, and since would most likely hear me say, 'gosh!' 'What the heck' or 'what the crack' 'Dang!' 'Don't take the frigging...' thinks like that. quite mild and not quite as offensive as well, F***, S***, B**** e.t.c

Anyways I believe as with most things, it has its purpose! and i so badly needed to use them these past days *sigh*

What I'd Say to My 16-Year-Old Self

Little girl in a park near Union Station, Washington, D.C. (LOC)

I would tell her 'read more, follow your heart and the things YOU what to do. Don't allow anyone use their 'money' or influence as an edge over you'

Study Well!

Eat Well!

Use Sunscreen.

There's much more I could say, but yeah this lot would go a long way :)

I need to get out of my head

Do something really mindless, but
I want to cry now, I so want to cry.
I want to go somewhere, where they won't be able to get me.
I don't want to hate my life because of them, I DO have happy memories.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Some days I wake up and sing the psalms for you.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Some people I like

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Must be played at High Volume!! pt1

to experience the epicness in its entirety!
I wish i was in the video, somehow

I wonder how they can top this album, i love every bit of it!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I don't feel safe anymore.

Painting by Jennifer Yoswa

You have put a tear in my perfect bubble.
 I felt safe believing that You never existed.
I was OK with that, I was happy.

Friday, August 6, 2010


So I've decided to start designing stuff again.

I feel like showing off

My hair is very crappy at the moment, but yeah there were days like this



Eating cookies at 2:30am, cookies my uncle warned me about. Yeah i know i have to cut out sugar completely, but giving up an addiction is never an easy thing :P week so far began with my episode with Salmonella and friends. It was a rough ride till Wednesday. Woke up yesterday feeling totally new. Sickness is a horrible thing, no matter how much attention you get.
Went on an impromptu visit with my uncle (one of the funniest men alive! iSwear! Allah!) hmm, had the nicest peppersoup and yam, it was noice! plus i just love Nigerians!! (warm, fuzzy feeling ^_^). They were talking in yoruba, then i got asked something which i mopped at, then my Uncle says, you better start learning yoruba, as if you dont know you will marry a yoruba man. hahaahaha.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

That One Friend

Friendship has always been a touchy subject with me, but I've always wanted that one friend.

So yeah, right after primary school where everything was a blur, guys were girls, girls were guys, and it was pretty much safe. everyone was in everyone's clique (technically not, but..) I began to feel the need for that 'one' friend when I got into secondary school and everyone found their 'square-root'. That one friend I could always count on, to be by my side. That one friend who, didn't want to be with anyone else as much. That one friend, I could swap angst-filled stories That one friend, you know..

I also began to understand myself better, I surely didn't want to be in any 'clique' as was the order of the day and I was generally ok with being by myself. But it was difficult doing that as a 'boarder'

I finally thought I had found the 'one'. We were close and hung together alot. when she wasn't around, don't get me wrong, i had some other friends, who I gisted and hung with, but we werent that close and like I said, I didn't fancy a posey. Anyways as we neared the end of school, I realised she was just as shallow as the rest of them *sigh* what a farce!

University, I was like 'ok breath of fresh air, maybe I would meet this person' Hmm..though I met her but my joy was short-lived. She left the school very early and I just couldn't bother at all. I didn't want someone who was everyone's friend, I didn't want someone who had one or more appendages. I wanted a lone figure, someone as crazy as I was. weird and all that jazz. Didn't exist

I'm not looking for that 'one' friend anymore cause i realise while she may exist for some, she necessarily may not exist in my path. It would be great if i meet her someday, but i'm generally done looking.
Cause I think I may have found her, but she is far away....

Privilege clouds Judgement

As iRecover, iLol


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


You know I am a dreamer. I woke up this morning and i'm like, 'no no, don't forget this dream'
So I'm supposed to travel today, may thats what triggered this dream, becuase it revolved around a train, and some friends who have graduated.

First of all, we had to walk for a long time, then in the way dreams come, one minute you are in someones room the next we were trying to catch this train, 'Chiltern' somehow the train is about to move, but i press the open button to one of the cars, which was apparently empty, somehow i got on it, and then it started to move. I was like ahh i made it, only for me to look outside the window and realize I was on my own, travelling in this car which had disengaged from the rest of the train. HORROR! omg, then the main parts of the train started to move towards me, i just felt like, this is the end of my life and I can't believe it would go out on Chiltern, I love Eastcoast.

I didnt give up though, somehow in the car was a lever to stop it, so as I raced towards the unknown on the rail-track, I located this lever or button, pressed it and you know, it took a while before the car lost momentum and came to a halt, just in front of one of the major stations in my destination. 
By then alarm had been raised about the lone car. When I stepped out of the car, it was surrounded by workmen and passers-by who we usually call 'amebo', after asking what happened and what not, I was in a very confused state, and then the police came and asked me to come give a statement. I left the crowd of people with the car and went to tell my tale. 

After all was said and done, I got back to the spot, and lo and behold! my bags had been ransacked. The people in the crowd were eastern europeans. I've had a huge sum of Euros in my wallet for a while (even in real life), I checked, and checked it was gone! my Atm card! aaah these people, I was devasteated..but as i picked my bag to go, thinking of what I was gonna do without the money, thinking of my ordeal and everything.. i kicked myself...this is a dream!

I woke up for about two seconds with a sigh of relief but still lapsed into the dream...and the same scene, my lament over money and property stolen. when I finally woke up, it was all round relief.

Monday, August 2, 2010

8 hours after....

I still feel weak and generally full of watery xxxx. But I expected him to come to me. But he expected me to go to him, one of the Magicians. Or....was I expecting too much from this honest man? heck, I'm the ill one.

More ORT to take, dry rice, garri..e.t.c and I would be Southward-bound tomorrow.

I don't know the proper spelling..

Diarrhea or Diarrhoea, but it has caught up with me i'm so ill :''(
couldnt sleep, hugged the toilet all night and morning.
i've had a break now cos i took ORT. but i am so illllllllllllll

yeah, looking at pictures of people with natural hair, even mine. plus I heard that relaxer sales have gone down drastically since 2007. yay!

Anyways going to get Yoghurt and Banana, heard it works wonders. Wish I had a maid or somebody to help me out!!!

Die welle

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Why are you still single they ask..

Because the internet won't allow me.
That and the fact that I am extremely slow to react in relationships.
I'm always stuck in this apathetic/sarcastic/witty/lazy/frivolous mood that makes it hard for people to gauge whether I'm serious or not, so they usually give up on me.
Nobody has been able to figure out my paradoxical nature yet.
If you can tolerate me for more than a few months I'll give you free brownies, and a place to sleep beside me at night