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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

That One Friend

Friendship has always been a touchy subject with me, but I've always wanted that one friend.

So yeah, right after primary school where everything was a blur, guys were girls, girls were guys, and it was pretty much safe. everyone was in everyone's clique (technically not, but..) I began to feel the need for that 'one' friend when I got into secondary school and everyone found their 'square-root'. That one friend I could always count on, to be by my side. That one friend who, didn't want to be with anyone else as much. That one friend, I could swap angst-filled stories That one friend, you know..

I also began to understand myself better, I surely didn't want to be in any 'clique' as was the order of the day and I was generally ok with being by myself. But it was difficult doing that as a 'boarder'

I finally thought I had found the 'one'. We were close and hung together alot. when she wasn't around, don't get me wrong, i had some other friends, who I gisted and hung with, but we werent that close and like I said, I didn't fancy a posey. Anyways as we neared the end of school, I realised she was just as shallow as the rest of them *sigh* what a farce!

University, I was like 'ok breath of fresh air, maybe I would meet this person' Hmm..though I met her but my joy was short-lived. She left the school very early and I just couldn't bother at all. I didn't want someone who was everyone's friend, I didn't want someone who had one or more appendages. I wanted a lone figure, someone as crazy as I was. weird and all that jazz. Didn't exist

I'm not looking for that 'one' friend anymore cause i realise while she may exist for some, she necessarily may not exist in my path. It would be great if i meet her someday, but i'm generally done looking.
Cause I think I may have found her, but she is far away....


Dolly said...

Omg, I know exactly what you mean, I found mine a LONG time ago, the only girl I can be myself with, and myself isn't the most 'normal' lol

Lawwyy said...

last time I was here, it read you found "him". Pssst.

Lawwyy said...
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GamineGirlie said...

@Dolly, arent you lucky! now i'm jeaaalous >.< lol

jemimahnaa said...

lol....@found him..yh there's always that 1 person..think i may have found mine too but she's far away..but i v a guy that i cn b dat way wit still nid me female too

GamineGirlie said...

Yeah..the only people in my reach that really and truly get me now are regrets though. its all good