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Friday, August 20, 2010

What I'd Say to My 16-Year-Old Self

Little girl in a park near Union Station, Washington, D.C. (LOC)

I would tell her 'read more, follow your heart and the things YOU what to do. Don't allow anyone use their 'money' or influence as an edge over you'

Study Well!

Eat Well!

Use Sunscreen.

There's much more I could say, but yeah this lot would go a long way :)


jemimahnaa said... well and use sunscreen!! so true!
unfortunatel or fortunately we cannot turn back the hands of time,can't imagine wat would happen if we best bet is we won't go to far as there will always be something we wanna go back and change.

GamineGirlie said...

I know...theres lots i could change. But i love the feeling of making a new plan. But before the new plan there has to be closure to what has or may have been.