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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Why are you still single they ask..

Because the internet won't allow me.
That and the fact that I am extremely slow to react in relationships.
I'm always stuck in this apathetic/sarcastic/witty/lazy/frivolous mood that makes it hard for people to gauge whether I'm serious or not, so they usually give up on me.
Nobody has been able to figure out my paradoxical nature yet.
If you can tolerate me for more than a few months I'll give you free brownies, and a place to sleep beside me at night


Anonymous said...

oh well! someone someday will ve to decide to tolerate u forever maybe not just for a few brownies n u him forever.

GamineGirlie said...


jemimahnaa said...

lol@apathetic/sarcastic/witty/lazy/frivolous mood..yh its hard to tell whether u're serious or not but after a while its not that hard to tell..and this{apathetic/sarcastic/witty/lazy/frivolous mood} of urs is probably what will attract ur guy to u or what he'll love most'bout dont change for any1 except u and trust me u will find someone who can stand u, d question is will u be able to stand him?

jemimahnaa said...
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GamineGirlie said...

yeah, but you see that's the thing..they don't stick around long enough to find out, and its not only guys..
Will I be able to stand him? good question.