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Friday, August 20, 2010


I wish i could swear sometimes, because no other set of english word carries the same emotions of frustration, anger... But I think I don't like to use it because I don't like the sound of me saying it or the thought of me saying...

When i was much younger..when i used to read the dictionary, i knew i needed i set of words i could use in place of F*** and so on and so forth. So i found out hat Dang, Darn, Frigging..where pretty much tamer, and since would most likely hear me say, 'gosh!' 'What the heck' or 'what the crack' 'Dang!' 'Don't take the frigging...' thinks like that. quite mild and not quite as offensive as well, F***, S***, B**** e.t.c

Anyways I believe as with most things, it has its purpose! and i so badly needed to use them these past days *sigh*