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Monday, January 3, 2011


So the first two weeks are a huge decider on what path my year is going to take. I would be in one of two countries. For different reasons I don't mind being in and out of both. But, I do love a little adventure, and I'm too 'romantic' for my liking.

Some time ago I compartmentalized my life into three areas, Professional, Personal and Social. Some things do blur the line, but I realize I never really get anywhere if I don't hold on to some form of structure in my life. I'm thinking of going back to this both off and online. There's obviously no privacy on the internet but atleast I could show the sides I want to certain peoples ;)

Just when I thought I read alot, I find out it's just been a drop in the ocean, plus I have found the career area which combines everything I want, and I have experience in it, which I never really explored. So I'm going to be reading lots! across these areas. Tthree books which I'm using to kick-start my year are, Bonfire of The Vanities by Tom Wolfe (first read it when I was 8), 2000 seasons by Ayi Kwei Armah (Highly recommended), Gamestorming by Gray, Brown and Macanufo (Career

I have LOTS to write, It's not even funny  >..< Hopefully I should continue in no time :O


These are the last three Movies I watched, And I loved every single one of them. There were some things I learnt from the lot and I guess in my interaction over the year when it comes to people. Narnia as usual has been really spot on especially when it comes to Christian living. The animation was on point, musically there, it was a great package in all. But what I took most from it was about Looking into the mirror and seeing the best YOU, facing fears, acknowledging them first and then confronting them, because at the end of the day that is what eats you up inside.
Toe to Toe, gave an insight into the world that exists in some parts of the States. But clearly shows how we can't neglect the part of us that is uniquely human, the capacity for empathy and what not. great acting also.
How to marry a Millionaire is a feel good comedy, but it did teach some life lessons, All is not what it seems, the content of a person is usually want matters the most.
Up Next, Tron Legacy! iHope


For someone like me, being more of an Ideas person, I have one million and one solid ideas, but getting them off the ground is plenty difficult. I really do think I need people or someone standing beside me who has the energy I lack. Maybe I don't need anyone, maybe it's really just up to me. I will see how this year goes with the lot of them.
F.Design, History (Mine, Africa and ties) Illustration, Natural Love, Websites e.t.c

Now, to go on with my January, I leave you with one of the best videos I've ever seen on you-tube, filled with awesomeness, How to Be Alone enjoy!


Tee said...

Pretty please your ideas on Tron Legacy. Haven't heard anything good so far so with you I'm hopeful.

Your plan sounds like a good one. All the best with it...x

Tee said...

Did I say 'ideas'...I meant opinion. :)

GamineGirlie said...

So far I know Tron appeals mainly to Geekdom, but any good movie is worth a watch.