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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Soo I finally done it! :D Gone ahead and gave myself a make
After paying a fortune to get my locks levelled, I realized there were still a few strands longer than the rest, aaargh. When I was having the hair cut, it was almost blisssss, It has been quite a while since someone else touched my hair, and I know that feeling as to be one of my best *Not letting out any secret :D * anyhow, I enjoyed the cut.

Getting home, my uncle's son was looking at me weird, then asked 'Did someone die?' I almost literally tried to roll on the floor laughing, except he would have thought there was no hope for me at all. I just managed a chuckle and said 'Noo'. Some moments later, my Uncle sights me, and he goes 'I've never seen any girl like you' mutters to my aunt in yoruba 'omo eh...something something' then he says to me, 'Why does everything you do just resemble Fela'  ROTFLMAO in my mind again. I smiled and continued with what I was doing, wheww it's all gone sha...

I want to open a new blog which would document solely, my hair journey. I want to stick with a flexible programme, so hopefully the blog would help keep me on track! yay! I feel really good though :D


lawwyy said...

Nize :D

jemimahnaa said...

RofLmao @ did someone die!!is dt the only rsn sm1 would decide 2cut their v mixed feelings bout ur haircut tho!Ʊ still dere to motivate me tho so its all good and Ʊ prepared me for d cut way b4 Ʊ had it!glad Ʊ like it!and i trust Ʊ 2rock it!dts 1of d tins i like bout Ʊ!Ʊ can be quite daring and once ur mind is made up dts it!well since they say dt one's friends has d traits one envies/wants/has/used to v in dem hence d quote 'show me ur friend n i'll tell Ʊ who Ʊ r' i tink dose r d traits.welcome to d new journey!will follow d hair blog!

GamineGirlie said...

lol, thanks!

Anonymous said...

What??? You cut your hair??? That's it. I'm going to unfollow you on Twitter, I wont phone you anymore and I won't come to your house anymore. I'm not speaking to you anymore. Im not against you cutting your hair, but, did you get my permission to cut your hair??? I'm so mad at you right now. • throws phone in the bin •


Anonymous said...

you're so pretty