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Saturday, January 8, 2011

In the middle of unknowns

This is where I am ----------------> x \O/ y
x = unknown
y = unknown

How do I solve this equation?

I really don't know what to think, but I don't like being in the midst of things completely beyond my control. I have to wait, wait, wait.

I lost my Library card, so I can't even go there until I get this *application* sent in. That really bothers me. But I'm glad about a lot of things happening. I see my career path clearer now, plus my sister has finally gone to school, yippe yay! I should be visiting her in a bit. My PP's will officially start for the year, this weekend. I've done enough lazying about, holidays are over.

I really have to remember to 'Write good deeds on stone, and bad ones on water' So easy to do the opposite.
Still, I can't believe what I was going crazy over, over there is now happening to me.... Aah well, moving on with life. I've rediscovered my favorite tunes, but my computer is giving me all shades of frustration and is leading me unto the path of destruction, my head is done in! Can't wait to get a new one >.<


jemimahnaa said...

Yay! 4ur sis!i totally understand ur laptop frustrations!mine is teaching me patience and wenever i do otherwise it acts up like a sulking guy!thumbs up* on career path!proud of ya!all tins work together 4our good in the end as annoying as being caught in d middle of unknowms may seem,there's a master plan,sadly nt all of us gt a glimpse @it.we just v faith that everything will work out and most times wit extra effort on our part it does

GamineGirlie said...

*sigh* yup.