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Monday, January 31, 2011

How to Keep a Man

On this post I'm going to teach you how to keep a man..................NOT!
I wonder why people, women! think of such things. If a man has to be 'kept' and you actually have to go about devising ways to 'keep' him, you have failed. You don't want to admit the fact that the man doesn't really like you. Instead you think someone is going to 'snatch' him. LOL. 

Sorry, but if you think it's your cooking that will 'keep' him, think again, because there are too many people out there with better skills. If you think it's your bedroom skills, just laugh at yourself right now. If you think it's your I even need to go on. It's obvious that a man will only be with you if he wants to. When a man believes he has found someone special, no Jupiter is going to keep him away from staying, except YOU push him away. So next time you think you have to keep someone, just know that's a sign to let that person go right there.



jemimahnaa said...

Tell them o!!!instead of how to make urself better,or even how to make ur man happy..its how to keep a man!! he's a property or a toy withot a mind of his own,he will make his own choice #shikena

GamineGirlie said...

Lol, 'like a toy'. People need to stop acting like getting a spouse is the ultimate thing in life.
We need to focus on being content with ourselves and then communicating with others accordingly.

jemimahnaa said...

can't blame them especially women for feeling that way though,its what the society suggests!that every other status is null and void till it reads married!so annoying and wrong,i once heard of a hardworking woman who wanted to get a loan from the bank and was denied it,she was later told by a friend in the bank that it was because of her status,and its because we don't contest such things that their hold on us gets stronger.