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Sunday, January 9, 2011

We are friends, really?

So, I read recently of a blogger who died from cancer. One of his 'friends' had exclaimed that they didn't even know about it and that really made me wonder, and took my mind back to this post I made a while ago. How well do we know our friends?, or should we even call them friends. Are there other words, one can use to really put this in perspective, this relationship, because I don't know. 
It disturbs me, how much social media has also played a part in this, while connecting people leaves much to be desired underneath. I'm not up for meeting everyone I talk to online, but even those I know, who I wouldn't call friends, I have a bit of care for, talk much more of those who I hold close to my 'bosom' . One could also argue that a person only shares what they are willing to share. From what I've learnt so far, people would share anything if they would feel comforted from just talking to that person, sadly many we call friends don't.
I don't have many people I call friends, but I try to let them know that communication is what binds us. I have no problem if we drift apart, we would no longer be friends, and then I don't expect a lot of sharing in that direction. Still, every single, I try to become someone people would find comfort in. Some of us are indeed stronger than others.


el bagucci said...

Maybe there are different categories of 'friends'?

GamineGirlie said...

Yeah, maybe.

jemimahnaa said...

There definitely are different categories of friends since ppl v decided 2use d term 'friend' to describe ppl dey know and are not related to. i discussed this in on of my blogposts we v acquaintance(the most popular category)meet in sch,on d road on the web,etc(no close bond really cms out of this and d ppl knw each other 2a certain level)there r diff types of acquaintances also,ally(brot 2geda by a common goal or cause),close/best friends (developed a connection dt makes Ʊ fell related)