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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Be good, Get good or Give up

Yup, that's how House philosophizes and I can't but agree with him. Now on to the matter of my PDP. Its a new month and a new week now, I should have done this recap earlier but yeah this is part and parcel of my withdrawal sysmptoms. I will get on with the PDP now and see what has been done, what should be done, successes and failure in the past week :)

Communicating Effectively
This past week, what can I say..Communication in my house has gone to the unrepairable. Especially that the police had to come communicate to some people. I still don't know how things got here. At school, things are getting way better, and I cant help but wonder if communication at home had to be broken for me to get more focused on school. Well, I do think there could have been a way around it. but I believe its for the best anyway. Will I give my self a fail for this, I think not. I tried my best this week and even though all things didnt turn out right, i attach a full PASS to this task.

Discarding Negative habits

Negative habits like any other, are hard to give up. I did really well, with my sleep habits but I still have debts to pay on sleep. I have decided to reduce my sleep cut-off point from 3am to 1am. I had to push it to 2am for today cause I had to turn this post in. PASS definitely.

Writing Better

I definitely tried to write better this week, but I havent read anything tangible... now I will FAIL myself on this, I have to read a book this week!

Working Harder

This is a work in progress and yes, PASS on this. The new project for this semester is one that is really interesting and last week, I was assigned specific tasks which i took up with ZEAL, I even managed to teach some course mates all the techie stuff, hehe. This week, I will do my best! ^_^

Ignoring Naysayers

I am positive that the effect of ignoring the naysayers the upper week, helped me last week, so yay! PASS!! lemme see who is going to say 'NAY' to me this week! :D

Get Involved!

My week started really busy that I forgot about Diversity week, when I remembered mid-week, I had already missed the particular conference I wanted to attend. I had an option to attend the Russian night-out, movie, dance and food. but I was so tired after attending some Design lectures, I just slept off. I wasnt happy I didnt participate at all But I did get involved with other facets. I went for a buffet lunch on saturday, met a couple of ladies, had a fun time eating and chatting away, plus it snowed that day, yay! but my fingers were almost gone, hehe. Sunday, after church went to my newest friends place (couple) with some other friends from church, We had lunch, I was so full i slept off while they watched My wife and Kids. when I woke up, the discussion turned to nollywood and then there was a game of scrabble. It was so much fun through and through, but then I had to go home #PASS :D

Show Creativity
I want to achieve this objective by illustrating everyday, by learning more about the Theories and Practice of design, also to write down my ideas, an idea everyday. I did illustrate this week, but it wasn't everyday and I also didn't write my ideas down. Even though I did learn more about Design..i give myself a FAIL on this and will work harder this week, to give myself a pass at the end.
Obviously I need a lot of work and I will not take the option of Giving up, in fact its not an option for me, I'm gonna Get good or die trying :)


Miss FlyHigh said...

Yay seemed to have Passed most of your goals. I'm happy for your girl :)

So the police actually came round? hahahahaha I can't believe you were serious! Good on ya !