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Monday, February 8, 2010

The Impossible Week

My past week was wikkid!! my room was a mess! i left early in the mornings, got back late, i felt like i was on a caffeine high, just jumping from one day to another, almost a blur.
Yeah we were given another project with a new team, i like my team members but they are usually arguing over one tiny issue and i have to break it off! i am the official peacemaker and

I have to say, things are going really really well in school, and i just realised that when you cut the weed in your life, your growth which was stunted will need spurt, and yeah i've grown so much these past days.

Over the week, i still tried to pay my sleep debts, i resolved to sleep before 12am, for most days it was easy beezie, others not so much. but im gonna take it on this week, i will sleep at 12 or before, fingers crossed..and that would be one negative habit out of the window :)

Theres so much work on my course now, i have no choice but to work harder, i am planning my time more effectively to enable me carry out the work in the best possible way, i wont let the disaster that was last semester affect me in any way. I should complete all my research this month and start paper work in march.

  Through the week i was involved in bits here and there, went for my cell meeting on tuesday as usual, it was fun, it usually is and i manage to snag my evenin gmeal there, hehehe. Had two presentations on design at school. The first one was just for my design module, and i have to say, im proud of went well. The seond one was at the school of design and it was to be presented to undergrads and also the new dean of the school. Even though i forgot some crucial lines, i made them laugh at the end of it and also we got really postive feedback and lady who wants to work with us on the project and carry it further, isn that great!.

Leisurely, i read some parts of a book 'Red Dragon' watched a lot of House (i love that man most times :D) i caught up on 'Take me out' my guilty pleasure and then American Idol. I also went for a night out with my two friends here at fawdon. It was a nice sleep in with a good movie and good food, i would definitely do that again in a heartbeat. It was a nice way to kick off the weekend which i had resolved to spend extremely laid back. When i got home i did the much needed cleaning to my room and laundry. Sunday was a breeze, mainly cooking and relaxing.

I can confidently say I'm ready to start the new week and it kicks off with my Brothers Birthday! yay! Happy Birthday to him, my one and only..all the best Bro (My second bro from another mother is also February-born)

Here's wishing me the best week! :D


jemimahnaa said...

love the of u so far and u gotta kip it i been trying to find the series "Lie to me" and no 1 seems to have it..wanna improve ma skills in reading body language..v bin so stressd out..get up at 5 close wrk go to french skool..get into traffic bk hm..and crash immediately..gotta say its been crazy so i think i can relate to the caffeine high feeling...glad u got arnd to sorting all d messed up always gets dis floating feeling wen they done..esp me and my laundry..and trust me dey been piling up...m sure the new week will be tres bon..bonne chance