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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Wednesday was one of those days I woke up feeling good about, I never particularly like wednesdays though. It was really foggy and the pains in my tummy had subsided, so I felt ready to roll.

Same ol, bus ride down to school, but this time a friendly man, a Ghanian didnt have to be, asked me the name of my hairstye when we got off at the same bus stop, i shook my head. He said 'you have to know, its lovely' i started to protest but then let it go with a nice 'thank you'. its ok, he said 'its true' he smiled and walked off. I smiled and went on my way! nice lift to the fog!

First Lecture was by Prof Cockton, His continuing lecture on 'Beyond the object' mentioning people like Bauhaus, Cesanne..talked about four sets of design choices. I have to admit after a lil bit i was more concerned about keeping warm and awake, seemed like the heating in the room had gone bust! There was much emphasis on value and worth mapping. I would read it all over again, its very interesting but didnt have much of an engaging deliverer.

Second lecture was on Conflict management, o how timely! we needed this lecture like last week! lol, it was particularly interesting. There is functional conflict, i didn't know that and yea there was some conflict in my last team and i hate to admit it was dysfunctional, morale of the team was lost and i wasnt happy at the end.
We also watched a clip from the movie, Platoon, and amidst the tears threatening to roll down my cheek, i wondered for the umpteenth time why people go to war. Johnny Depp was even in the movie, i'd like to watch the full thing but i fear torrents of tears. It was a worthwhile lecture.

It was the birthday of one of the nicest ladies on my course and i'm glad she was happy with what i got her ^__^

It was a good day.
PS: yay i can now eat my chocolates! my fridge is still full of em :D