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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I took a test on facebook, EQ test, smarmy but kinda accurate for me though. I'm usually in control of things, my emotions and such. Istill am, but this rollercoaster feeling wont go away. Theres a rush of emo (good sometimes, bad other times. i dunno if its the chocolates i've been downing) Well, im ending the day on a high.
The day started with me, falling out of bed, unable to have a shower and struggling to meet the 9:10 deadline of getting to class. I hurriedly packed my lunch, and breakfast. Flew out the door, to catch the bus i targeted.
My day was pretty much mapped out in my bed and though it didnt take off the way i saw, i felt things must go on.
Business class, Project discussion, Job fair, ATM, Royal mail, African shop. All these went as planned and i was a happy camper. Well, got an unexpected call and close to 8pm i was on my way to the cinema.

Watched The Wolfman, which seemed like a run of Possessed Chewbacca. i dont know what to make of the movie, other than the fact i like the main trio. I have to admit though, im kinda terrified now, will be looking out for the full moon *shudder*.lol. but right now, im just content to be.

Music of the day was Seun Kuti, Mosquito song and Fela of course...Water e no get enemy (till fade)


LucidLilith said...

LOL @falling out of bed
rotfmao @Possessed Chewbacca

You have a good sense of humor.
Btw- I have only fallen out of bed once in my life. Okay, I lied. Twice.

GamineGirlie said...


jemimahnaa said...

lmao@ fallin outta BED,DNT THINK V EVER DONE DAT
yh the day hardly ever follows the map in most pips head at least mine doesn't..
smiling @ fela song..u naija