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Friday, February 12, 2010

Feeling Airy

My hair o my hair, This is the length after a year. Gosh, why isnt it growing fast enough!! ok ok, yeah due to some fault of mine, i seem never to leave it alone. Touching, playing, twisting cos i so so love my hair. I do hope i achieve lots of length this year and i will probably add it to my

Anyway, i had to give it a treat yesterday, washed it with shikakai again. Thankfully! i did it right this time around and didnt have the powder get into my eyes..ooh no, not when i have a valentine dinner to attend later today.Then doused it with olive oil and put it in braids. i really really hope all the dandy ruff is gone, or i may just have to do a Vinegar rinse again >_<

Over the weekend, i want to get kinky weaves and do really long twists. Should be nice, if i get to do it. i will put pictures up and all.

Oh well, gotta move now and hit the bed! School at 9:30 tmrw. it better be worth it!


MissBalance said...

Wow! You do all these to your hair? What's the shikakai?

Gamine said...


jemimahnaa said...

lol...uuuuuuu!!! wen are u coming with ma maca clay and dis new 1 wey u dey call now..gotta say u gonna envy ma lengths wen u bin pampering mine with the availables and dat 1 i got frm the fulani chic...till u cm sha..i'm on kinky 4nw tho...think u should buy plenty b4 goin bk o..till u come sha..thank God u'v learnt sha so it wont enta my own eyes..wink*