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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fiddling on the roof.

What is wrong in creating our own paths. What is tradition? I don't believe we should be tied down to what has been, especially if it has no relevance in today's world, why? because that's how it has been. This is one of the instances where i want to believe Susan Blackmore's meme theory. Memes passed down to us from generaion to generation. If there is anything that gives the Human an edge over other animals, its imitation. The attempt to break out of this mold, is usually met with ridicule.

I had a little discussion wit one of my housemates and she did confirm that yeah, our life is fraught with imitation. So, so-called traditions are just imitations of things done before. Nothing wrong in having a chill pill and moving on to something different.

But i do ask myself, where are we headed as a race, the Human Race. Apart from the biblical 'End of the world' theory, where are we going to? On one hand we claim to love our traditions, on the other we alienae people who want to start traditions, yes., traditions started somewhere!

Through all this, the only thing that gives me some breath of fresh air is the knowledge that we were all born with our own brains, Whatever we eventually do is up to us. So, the decision to either build, destroy or stay where you are lies in your hands. If i decide to build, please don't judge me. i will come down from the roof and have some dessert now, thank you.


jemimahnaa said...

lol..'we' as human beings hate change because we hate coming out of our comfort zones"what we are used to" whyich is y most times we lag behind those who readily accept change...we forget that we have a choice to either accept or reject whatever we r being offered without disrupting the initiator of the away my friend