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Saturday, February 20, 2010


I woke up yesterday feeling much better but with a lil headache (slept on the couch)! yeah those things haven't gone away but I understand they aren't life threatening. I did a bit of cleaning, cooking. I couldn't go to school. The job people called me and said to call back in two weeks time...ok! Spent most of my day 'chilling', called family. Got the clothes i'd ordered, yay! Took a walk out, visited a friend, bought pop corn and ice cream.

Read a bit of Tom Clancy an Tim Brown. I really believe in what i'm doing but its so hard when those around you do not.... oh well. talked with my sister who is about to grad sec school. she asks Medicine or Engineering, saying she's going where the money is. Is this what we really boil down to Moolah? Cheddar?

 Anyway, wont rack my brain much about that to cleanse, moisturize and sleep :)