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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ssssloooowww doooowwnn

A friend of mine on twitter posted up a link to a Chiddy Bang video. This was the first time i was hearing of them, but the video was funny. The name of the song is Kids/opposite of adults, which i really like. But the song that struck me most was 'Slow Down'. it kinda captured the way i really wanted/want to feel. i went to sleep with the song. A part of it says, 'life feels so much better when its slowed down' a huge breath of relief. The other Artistes i enjoyed today (apart from the usual suspects) were Rox, Florence and the Machine :)
My day was really chill, breakfast, jokes, music, didnt really talk to anyone today. chatted with my sis and some friends. Caught up with Telly programs, like Dancing on ice (i always dream *sigh* ), Take me sad to see it go, it kinda grew on me :'(. I did a Vinegar rinse on my hair, im preparing it for the long twists of next week, cant wait! i may just pop into the African salon to find out how much they make it..hmm.

I read a bit, took down notes, ideas and illustrations. Today i will try to make my ideas more tangible. That reminds me! one of the feedback i got on my first assessment was that my goals were not tangible enough, so i guess i have to do something about that one..

I dont know if i would still go see Ponyo today, but time will surely For now i have to get some shut eye, the church Vehicle is rolling about my side for 9am, i have to be sharp and ready by then! Night! ^_^


sheun said...

good to know am not the only one smitten by the chiddy bang bug..ll and yeh. slow down's an amazing proto's nigerian..

GamineGirlie said...

yup yup! naija 4