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Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunny day? NOT!

Woke up feeling really positive plus I was gonna be wearing my new dress out, yopee!!
 Got dressed and ready waiting for the 'ride' lol. Anyways after a bit of confusion and me standing outside in the cold for a while, i got to the church, nice ok. But before i left i saw my 'left hand side' neighbour for the first time i think, getting into his mercedes mm, i thought.only to get to church and find out at the end of the service that His fiancee was the lady i sat next to, she was chewing a bit of gum which did irritate me at some anyways, wish them all the best. But life does funny things sha.

While in church, i guess it was the same ol, stuff that I'd be lying if i said I was surprised about and its still so weird to see people give coins as 'offering'. I was the only one there for the first time, so i had a lil welcome Then my friend called, said i annoyed him cos i called him facebook police, tehehehe.Still on my case about getting a 'man', Coincidentally! this is the week where the church is praying for 'Singles' once again i wonder if being single is a life-threatening affair???

Managed to do a lil bit, felt lazy mostly and just slagged off, there was a bit of snow, and i felt very heavy couldn't go to watch Ponyo :(, i must catch up with it this week, plus the dentist and optician! Also caught up on the bits of Take me out i missed yesterday, can't believe its gone..aww. Well, off to school later today, i have bits of idea in my head for my new project im just glad. 



sheun said...

lol @ people giving coins for offering..i guess the "ijebu" spirit's everywhere these days

GamineGirlie said...

well if u convert it, u wont say that