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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Rock Music Palava

I remember listening to Barlow Girl's My God's enough for me, then a classmate comes to turn it off, cause I was half dozing. She's like, you are too addicted to Rock music play some christian music

I'm like Woah! What could get more Christian than that particular song!

I just understood then that some people are just muddled up when it comes to particular things like this rock song issue they arer always crucifying me about
Rock music is this and that, it annoys me attimes cause it is only 'Christian' I listen to, I can only listen to stuff i can hear clearly and understand.
It's one of the many things I do that makes some people draw very funny conclusions about me




Even I get confused by rock music, but I am learning that it is a very diverse genre of music. Sorry the girl had no clue.

Interesting blog you've got here. Welcome to blogville, sha!

Olukunle said...

Though Rock music is a genre you can't really catch me listening to, I have come across some very nice rock songs that make more sense to me than wht u'd traditionally refer to as a nice music

Olukunle said...

rocker chick,nothing do u..

Atheora said...

'You are not alone...
I am here with you....'
I like rock (not all by the way, just a special few).
You're special that's who you are.

Anu boy said...

happy new year madam, where you at? sill not seen you at the apple store oh.... hurry... we have correct macbooks for 165k.... u might want to get one...

Oracle said...

People like different things.
I generally love music, if I find it interesting.
If itz got rhythm.

You said I look like a girl in your class I haven't seen her pic yet.

Happy new year

Kristine said...

Interesting to know.