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Thursday, January 10, 2008


2007: my year of firsts

As i look back on last year i cant help but smile at the realisation that so many first time things happened to me, its a bit weird even for me, but i guess its life and we all know that this life is very very......... , i don’t even know what word to use, fill in the gap if u may.

I will start from the very beginning of the year,
It was the first time i managed to step three countries almost in the same
It was the first time i slept in an airport not just for a day, but for two days!
Thank Goodness it was DIA not MMIA..if it was d latter i wld have taken the next flight outta there! To any where!

The first time i actually shopped for myself, it wasn’t easy tell ya! I hate shopping and i love it too.its one of those irony of life thingys

It was also the first time i missed a flight, i have been traveling by air for a long time and it never happened but this was even an international flight, it wasn't my fault too.
Anyways it turned out great, we got another plane which was cheap and awesome!

It was the first time I got a job, actual work
First time i got paid
The first time i also got fired, like totally booted out and the reason wasn’t due to my incompetency which is unheard of, I cant be incompetent oh! It was because i was ill and i went to work

First time i had an okada accident, yes i did..and the last time in Jesus name!

First time i drove a car,with my friend in it, I drove it to the palms but i couldn't drive back home, we called for help!
First time i drove, i also damaged the car..gosh im such a case!

First time i had smone like a boyfriend twasnt official but it was

I had my Twenty First birthday

First time i got robbed, First time a gun was pointed at me, and it is the last time in Jesus name

First time I

First time i had sex....y and i hate em!

First time i saw and held freshly born pup
So many firsts..

Next year will have some spanking firsts too!!!


Busola AK said...

wow! u certainly had a lot of 1st didnt you? lol
like uo blog.. very young..

Tiona said...


veeeeeeery young!

Olukunle said...

..very interesting first(s) there...
why wouldn't u want to sleep at MMIA? Its not that bad..

Anu boy said...

uhmm, i love this post... nice one ohhh....