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Saturday, January 12, 2008


Once again.
I really have to let this year go oh!

I had some of the best times and moments of my life
But I also had some of the worst, terrible and shameful moments of my life.
I just thank God I made it through to 2008 with hardly any scratch, some people didn’t.
I’m soo grateful to Baba God.

2007 opened my eyes to lots of things and I am forever grateful to all those who were a part of it.
But i have to let this year go and look on 2008 with a fresh pair of eyes.
I will learn from my mistakes and forge ahead, I think that’s what life’s about

The day life will start becoming fair will be the day pigs will start flying.
I must accept what has been and take from it to become who i want to be.

There’s a song by Relient K i like...
It goes like this

I’m sorry for, the person I became
I’m ready to, not look back again
Who I am hates who I’ve been
Who I’ve been will take the second chance you gave me.

I thank God for another chance in this New Year, to be whom He wants me to be!,
To everyone I may have caused pain in any way
I’m sorry.
To those who I brought laughter o their lips and joy to their hearts
I’m not sorry,

It is the person I hope to be always!
Goodbye 2007,!!