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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

2008. . . .

My 2008
my year of Thanksgiving!
Yes yes yes!
I will be a graduate this year!
My sister will be a wife this year!lol
So many great things happening this year
But the year didn’t exactly start on such a high note,
January 1st met me in church, Rhema ministries in Jo’burg (jahberg as they call it), SA

Yeah my sisters and i had gone for New Year hols in SA, my first time in that country. We managed to find this church because we heard that the churches usually don’t do watch night service on weekdays, anyways it was quite a distance from where we were staying at Sandton.

 After being caught up in the euphoria of the new year, thanking God, praying, singing and dancing, we then decided to head back to our place, the cab was nowhere to be found. We had to call another one, well this guy duped us, we paid double the fare and he didn’t even have his meter running, and being Nigerians,lol, we said we weren’t paying the fare, we had gotten away with this kind of behaviour in dubai another, we were still being heady when the guy said he would kill us WHATT!!! We were so shocked kill us on top 160 rands???? He later said he was a comedian and he was just joking, such a sick joke and on new years day again!!! We payed the guy sha,....

Got upstairs prayed and ate, we went to Gold reef theme park later that day, wooosh that place is really fun, but it was soo sunny n hot, i wasn’t feeling too well either, but when i saw the Anaconda i knew i just had to get on it, riding it was like dying for 20s and waking up to feel such a thrill, it was sooo much funny!

We went shopping the next day and i lost my phone, i have never used a phone for one full year, my last phone was stolen in April and this one right there in a mall on the second of January!, i was so angry with myself how could i have been so careless??! And my sister had spoken to me on responsibility issues, you know, she was like i wasn’t responsible enough and this event kinda proved it, i felt, i tried calling the phone but it was switched off and it was the last mall we went to before heading home it was already late, those people close shop at 5, 6 pm. Kai!

My phone, about 300 rand, some piece of jewellery and my memory card were inside the purse i misplaced, i really don’t know how it happened, i tell ya,i had even taken a pic when we got into the mall with my phone, we spent only about 30-45 mins there, i was just about to pay for some stuff when i checked my bag and didn’t see it, I was burnt in my spirit.
, I was really sad but i thanked God that my sim card,my ID cards, my passport and other very important documents weren’t there, infact the miracle was that i had just removed those things the day before!

I was still thinking about myself when we got the terrible news that our neighbours in VI had raped someone! I could hardly sleep that night, this story is for another post,
Anyways the rest of our stay was cool, we went to a lion park, so nice! My younger sister forgot her phone in the cinema at Monticello, luckily she got it back the next day! We had dinner twice at the Michealangelo.. woow that place is sooooo posh! it was all good, i bought things for my family members, only wish i had bought some more stuff, i had about 300 rand on me on the flight back to naija. Then my older sisters’ blackberry was stolen in naija when we got our luggages and found out they had been tampered with. Aah Virgin Nigeria!!!!!

I was just like what a new year! I will thank God regardless.

Next i was thinking of school, i had exams the next week, made my hair on Monday, got to school on Tuesday, had a term paper to submit, got down to it. Exams were great but my school really disappointed me when they stopped my whole department from writing a paper because of 20,000, this is definitely another post.We wrote the paper much later that day though.
Next thing, a day later i heard a graduate from my school had died, an engineering student, someone I knew, someone i had talked to a number of times, someone so cool, i was sad the rest of that day and my mind went philosophical on me. I was playing a song by superchick, 
we live which goes,

There’s a cross
By the side of the road
Where a mother left her son how could she know
that the morning he left would be last time
she would trade with him for a little more time,
if she could say she loves him one last time
and hold him tight but with life we never know when we are coming to the end of the road,
so what do we do then
with tragedies around the bend,
WE live We love, we
Forgive and never give up
Cos the days we are given are gifts from above
So we remember to live and to looove!

God rest His soul, Amen!

Exams are done and here I am,
I just had to get this post in before the month runs out, lol
I heard about the bloggers party, I’m still new so i guess i may not have even fit in, with the venue just minutes from where i stay in VI i would have made it but sadly wasn’t even in the friend, Phunky said we must make the next one! lol
So many Things have gone through my head from heaven to earth and back, i believe each day should make us stronger, more mature and closer to God, im happy because i see the changes in myself, I’m calmer, i listen to people better. ..and so much more!
This year so far has been a blessing, amidst the various mishaps and tragedies that have fallen on us or people we know in this very short time. I know that God always brings the good together for His people.



azuka said...

Long, long, long... post :-D.

Some people apparently have no idea how to joke -- I'm sure if that taxi driver really was a comedian, he must have made one too many jokes like that -- or, why's he driving a taxi?

GamineChic said...

i dont like doing long posts, but i couldnt help this one, lol

@taxi driver

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Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Nice blog hon, all i can say is i have a female friend that calls me anaconda

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

and do stop by and chk me out some times pls

Anu boy said...

OKAY....mehn, sorry about your phone and purse....

anyways, i am happy the year is getting brighter for u... now thats what we are talking about...

nice one....

still expecting you at the apple shop ohhh