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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Femininity Vs Feminism

The Feminist movement is not about empowering woman to be feminine, it uses masculine tactics to achieve its agenda, Feminism doesn’t stand for femininity which is where a woman’s true power lies, though it pursues some causes that make it seem honourable like the fight for equal pay ans some other rights it masks a plan that is far more sinister than the masses or even some of the leaders could believe.
In the end this will do us more harm than good. Anytime a power struggle ensues between any two opposing forces there’s hardly any place for peace. Any so called movement that operates under any form of sexism will end up being divisive at best. If we are all on the bandwagon of feminism we will find ourselves heading in an opposite direction of where we wanted to go.
Some say it’s a lesbian movement, the thing is the main women fighting for abortion never even wanted children in the first place, and do you really want to do everything that men do? That is a potent question we need to ask ourselves. Look at men, look at them like you have never before, would you give up you womanhood to be like them? Don’t you have better things to do with your time than battle over issues that have no urgent relevance to your world?
This feminist movement is out of control. In the passion and appeal of fighting for our rights they have failed to see the friction it creates between woman and men in everyday exchanges. Men cannot seem to get a word because a woman suddenly thinks she doesn’t have to listen to him
All movements are dangerous when they result in fighting in the flesh, we know this world is primarily spiritual but we constantly forget this, the bible says “But knowing we battle against not flesh n blood but principalities and wickedness in high places”.
Lasting victory over any issue in this life can only be gained as we war in the spirit, God is the true champion of liberation, and we must submit our causes to him.
These feminist are usually very angry, and we know that anger usually masks extreme pain; it is not conducive to the healing process. But no one is beyond the hope of redemption, the hope of healing and deliverance.
God is the creator, he made the woman because he knew that it wasn’t good for man to be alone, the woman has a part to play in this world by being who God made her to be, as feminine as possible, she is also made in Gods image, if Adam was sand refined, Eve was doubly refined being that she was even taken out of him.
God’s image is such that the man reflects more of the mind of God while the woman reflects more of his heart, it is obviously so, We women wield a power of influence which is more potent than the power of authority the men wield.
Even Satan recognized the fact and went straight to Eve not Adam, knowing the power Eve had over him, and God said there and I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her Seed. Why not the man? This shows how much power a praying woman has, we only have to look into the bible and see examples, there are so many women who use their femininity to get things done without trying to be like a man, the word for today is
Embrace your Femininity in the Lord!


Olukunle said...

a nice piece...for centuries, women have allowed themselves to be subjected to a lot of inhumane treatment and they choose not to realise the enormous potential influence that they have over the man and by extension the world...İ hope a lot of those feminists get to read this.

Today's ranting said...

ur point of view is quite interesting.I've read posts on feminism in many blogs but u tackled the issue from another angle entirely.Quite insightful.