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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Stalker Dude: Part Two

I bring you the final chapter of this story.I should have brought it , long time ago

Anyways! I and my friends, oops! My friends and I, Went across school to Egypt.
Egypt being anywhere opposite The Canaanland gate In which our school is located, but its mostly referred to the food selling sections

And yes, we went to buy food!

At this time i had already made up my mind not to eat food outside besides fried food, after the terrible ordeal of counting millions of hair in the last meal we ate, i consoled myself by saying it was actually goat hair from the stew!

So we went into one restaurant to buy food, while still trying to place our orders Stalker dude appears, even pushing me as he enters the restaurant. I turn to tell my friend she has noticed him already.

The dude was even still wearing the same clothes! How sick! The guy must really be kolomental. His face dusty and brown, his hair rat-chopped and algaebrown...the original poster boy for the word Unkempt, I thought.

My friend then goes to sit down while i wait for the food to be served, i ordered only plaintains, so my food was coming up very soon.
When i had gotten it i went to sit by my friend, and she began to tell me what happened. She said the guy had spoken to her while she passed him, because he was sitting at a table in the restaurant, she said he actually muttered ”Come and sit on my laps
I was like WHAT!!!The guy no dey fear face,
i was just making mouth then because we had a male friend with us who could handle any unpleasant situation...he he eheh.

But Thank Goodness it all ended there,

The guy gave us a final look and walked out of the restaurant, never to be seen again!



Olukunle said...

lol...goat hair, indeed...
I can recall those days when boys started going to Egypt. It was a very dirty place but the food was good.
The last time i was there, it was looking 'tushed', though...

I'm sure the stalker disappeared cos he faced the truth like James Blunt...

Anu boy said...

stalker boy.... the guy no de fear face... the guy wan step up now, him wan get better chic na...

he is prolly thinking its a new year, so i get a better babe, una come de pose for am..... lol

Tiona said...


abeg ooh

na so pple dey get new chic

i just thank God for my God!