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Saturday, August 4, 2012


Dear K,

How are we?  

It's been a chill week so far compared to the tumultuous July. Now, I am better able to focus on the things I need to be doing. I have a backlog of stuff that needs to get done, but the level of busy-ness in the past couple of weeks didn't really allow much breathing space. I've decided to take a break from events and instead focus on my writing. My weekends have been busy too and since June, I've hardly had a day to myself. I'm crossing my fingers for next week because this weekend is full but exciting. I will be going to watch the Men's Basketball today at the Olympic Park, gotta get into the spirit you know! lol. Tomorrow, I will be meeting some friends at church, one who is due to give birth and another who just got engaged! good times, we may be off for a Sunday Roast, but I'm thinking I'll just head back home.

Some things I will be trying to get done over the next couple of weeks include; Getting back on my high calorie diet and good eating plan, I realized I gained 2kg between April and now, I'm excited to gain some more! And also keep doing my Pilates and Core workouts at the Gym.

I need to sort out a number of items I NEED to give away, I do want to live simpler. I've got books, papers, financial records to get in order. Also, I need to make my contact with folks that matter even more frequent, it's so easy for me to turn into myself #notgood
Then my birthday! I plan to travel to some European country for a week, alone. However one of my older sisters plans to be around for summer, I need to confirm that but whatever the case I should be able to do a getaway even if it's 3 days.

Exciting times ahead but I have to get through day by day with God's love spurring me on and the love of those who are around me #blessed The best thing is the opportunity to love others and help where ever I can.

That's it for now K, I look forward to challenges and the overcoming.




jemimahnaa said...

nice pic.i also need to keep in touch with the folk more, dunno y i find it so'm making things simpler too by making a to-do list daily and ticking off as i get dem done.i also try to go back to past lists to sort out what i couldn't get done that day. God help us X00X

jemimahnaa said...

bout Gym and food too,i don tire 4myself, i must be the queen of procrastination.I intend to fix my kitchen this month tho (God help me) but Gym is on pause.i'l stick to walking,swimming, et al