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Monday, July 16, 2012

Dear K,

Yes oh yes, it's July! We are in the second half of the year! Next thing you know, I'll be sat on Father Christmas laps again!
Anyway so much has happened between April and now, three months just gone like that. There was a bit of up and down, there still is! lol but hey ho! I'm still standing. the highlight of it all was my trip to the Carribean in June, it was completely impromptu and I had to do something spontaneous for the first time in my life lol!

We march on! I just managed to get myself a PC at home, so blogging continues in full force! there's so much I want to do! Can't wait. 

Bye Bye for now!



lawwyy said...

Even K woulda grown weary not getting to read a post all this while, great to know its back in full force? :D

jemimahnaa said...

wohoo!!!!i like the blogging in full force part. ;) and thanx 4me earrings!!i totally love them