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Monday, March 1, 2010

March, Soldier On...

I'm so grateful for everything i am, i have. I wonder why it takes certain events to put things in perspective for us. You realise there are really more important things to live for.

Friday was chill, tried to shake the gloomy feeling i had, just relaxing and thinking of nothing but breathing in and out. Friday was my sisters birthday, and i wished her all the best life could offer, couldnt help but laugh at the last converstaion we had, She is a crazy one. I read 'Catcher in the Rye' and listened to ballads, from Leona Lewis to Celine Dion. Was supposed to go out to the 'Empress' just didnt feel like seeing humans, really.

Saturday was domesticated and couldn't hang out cause my friend was nursing a massive hangover..

Sunday, well, church, went grocery shopping, was in the mood for some cooking, set the chicken to boil with all the spices..hmm it smelled good, then it smelledwrong. Dashed into the kitchen to see the chicken burning, my morale burnt along with it and i couldnt think of cooking any thing again. Luckily (good to have friends who like to cook) i was invited to a dinner at sandyford, lol. it was all good, not a bad time out at all.

Dedicated to the Friend, and all those we've lost : Soldier On ~The temper trap


jemimahnaa said...

we should all be grateful for what we have,who we are et al and truth is almost all of us aren't...that's just the way it is..till dis certain events u said take place..maybe that's y they do..there are people in worse conditions than we are and i think if we started to think like that and not like there are people living better than us we would appreciate all we have more and be better people