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Thursday, March 18, 2010

I miss Thunderstorms

I really do miss thunderstorms and lightenings. I remember thinking about this when I was getting drenched in the rain on sunday. My housemate and I talked about the 'African Rain' lol. I began to reminsice about times it really showed me pepper, but the feeling that comes after..... when you have fresh warm dry clothes on, in a warm house, curtains drawn, pepper soup in hand, movie on the telly and the rain, lightening and thunder keeps banging on like theres no tommorrow..some kind of bliss, I swear.

Anyhoo, still felt quite ill today, but I had to make it down to attend a lecture by Prof Irini Pitsaki on 'Cultural Product design' after she gave the lecture and questions were being asked, I felt compelled to challenge some of her points which I did, but then felt sorry i did :(. anyway, got chatting with her after the lecture as people filed out. I will be having more talks with her, and over coffee ;D

Went on my Blast from the Past spree again, watched 'High school High' fricking funny! and 'My stepmother is an alien' omg, seeing all those people again in their 'Young' state. still very funny, and it did take me back...wayyy back, i was like ''see graphics eeeh'' lol.

Had a nice chat with my housemate, its so inevitable that our talks always goes back to 'Africa' from make-up to Mount Kilimanjaro and lions and zulu good fun. Atleast I still have one housmate with a good head on good

umm, i was gonna start a header with the topic 'Things I saw on the metro today' still trying to sort out my phone 'camera connection to pc' issues. be right back on that.

For now, gotta sign out, no couch sleeping for me today, gotta be up sharp by 8am max. :D

Happy Belated St. Pats, no Guinness this time!

Is it strange that the Tyneside Irish center is in Chinatown, or is it just me?!?!


Femme Lounge said...

first time here and will surely be back. nice blog

GamineGirlie said...

Thanks ^_^

jemimahnaa said...

@femme lounge u will be back...its addictive so its annoying wen she doesn't update it

@gamine// @ ...'felt sorry i did'.. we should go on vacation in kenya fi mi le o

Gamine said...

Its funny that you should mention Kenya, i just got an invite to a conference there i july, what do you think??? lol

jemimahnaa said...

i think u should totally go of course!! i just knw u were gonna dump hard na rama

Gamine said...

An invite from a dude sorry im not planning to go , lol!