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Sunday, March 7, 2010

The perfect man.

From this picture its obvious that Perfection is relative. I don't want a guy who is so ribbed, aargh. But i do like someoone who can iron his own clothing, and mine sometimes ;D

Still, this has been the topic of debate, who is perfect? is there anyone who is? you ask, we really can't know perfect. Bu what does perfect even mean. 'Perfection' has been defined as being complete and flawless. Tis can only exist within discrete states. Any analog situation could never be perfect, therefore we humans, there is no hope of/for perfection.

Still, what do people mean by the perfect..

ok, this made me LOL and quite loudly too. Not perfect for me, i don't like a quiet man, neither do i like  a clown.
Some people believe there are perfect guys, like a blog i read, where the ladý's dilemma was that the guy was perfect but she didnt like him. He was either imperfect, or she was just plain crazy and making excuses. If he was perfect , there would be no question of like/not.

I have given this a thought, i mean, who hasnt at my age. I have 'prevented' myself from dating a number of characters. They seemed like nice guys infact they are great guys but not ok for me. I just can't, i won't settle for anything. Who even wants to be someone, someone else settled for.. The need or want for a partner has to transcend my selfishs need if i am 100% honest or it won't happen. And i know i'm not quite there.

But when i get there, i will find that man, the perfect man and put his picture right here,


LucidLilith said...

Yes. I want a guy who is ripped like that. Let me at
On a serious note, there is no perfect man. None. and if one shows up...just wait and give him time and you'll find out why he is still single.

GamineGirlie said...

Theres no standard really, there cant be. I like guys with locs (developed quite recently), i know 70% female do not like em. LOL

jemimahnaa said...

err1's view of perfection therefore there is no S.I unit for it,i dnt want sm1 dat ribbed,won't look dat good wen old,ike d ironing part tho..awww...i like sweet but not quiet like a gingerbread man..aarrgh and i certainly don't wanna bit his head d pic tho..yh i mean who won't like a perfect guy just means he aint perfect mehn!! prbly facially if we
yh..nobody wants to find out they are someone someone else settled for,that's like the height of demoralizing jare if it's me ehn all d 'love' will start fading instantly..

hmm..can't wait to see the pic..and i have a feelin i won't wait long cos i knw u will

p.s my definition of long aint time