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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Little notes and Definitions


Name of my tribe, I opened a blog trying to document the history ( and present, i opened a thread way back on Nairaland, exclaiming that my tribe was going extinct..well, from the statistics it looked so, but I am glad things are turning out different :)


This is the Japanese name i picked for myself, means "Lovely child" lol

all you folks that wont stop bugging me when you can access your nearest
my close friend calls me Hime *redness*

Paper route

Band I just discovered through a friend, great music.


Apparently my teeth can solve dy/dx...
Problem with my gums, I'm booked for dental surgery on Friday


Went to Immigration to retrieve my passport, and i had to "cooperate" if not "my file will lost"

when will the right thing ever be the right thing to do?


ezra said...

lol @ definition of curruption.. so how did u "cooperate"?