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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Breaking John 3:16

John 3:16 – The Essence

It's hard to imagine a world like ours, without a beginning, without an end, and without a creator, It would just be senseless and void. But I believe there is a story behind us all being here.

'God so Loved the world'  

God created the world designed it as lovingly as possible. In Genesis, it is written 'It was good'. He never stopped loving the world, even when Adam and Co disrupted their stay in the garden. This opened the world up to sin, and all became corrupt. People have since had to struggle with sins. The Israelites had to sacrifice goats and cows continuously just to say 'sorry', how tedious!
This can also be likened to the Israelites in Egypt, when God wanted to deliver them out of the hands of the Pharaoh, The Passover (Exodus 11-12). God telling a story of Love. 

'That He sent His only begotten son'  

God loved the world, but the world had done wrong, and since ‘wrong’ has consequences someone has to bear them. The world is basically in jail but there is an option for bail (because of Love). Someone has to come and pay the bail because a prisoner cannot bail him/herself out. For justice to be done,  the prisoner has to serve the complete punishment or someone else has to take the burden. In His love and mercy, Jesus was sent to ‘pay the bail’ and release the world from jail. The bail was the blood shed on the cross, which replaced the goats and cows which were not enough. ‘Without the shedding of blood, there cannot be forgiveness of sins’
Continuing the parallel story, God sent the Angel of death to deliver justice to the Israelites in Egypt out of his Love.

'that WHOSOEVER believes IN him'

People tend to confuse Believing in and Believing. Believing, is just acknowledging the Existence of something, while Believing IN, means to Trust in or Rely on something. And this phrase tells us, That EVERYONE (regardless of sex, age, gender, terminology, 'race', tribe, anything you can think of) who TRUSTS IN/ RELIES ON Jesus... Similarly Everyone who believes that Someone came to post bail for them. They just didn't believe that the person came to the police station/prison. But that the person actually posted bail, which could only mean one thing!! FREEDOM!

Basically, If someone posted bail for you, and you believe it, I doubt you will remain in Jail. You will run out screaming, shouting and thanking God. But anyone who doesn’t believe, even though bail has been posted, they will remain in Jail, because its incomprehensible to them.

In Egypt, The direction was if you believe the angel of Death was coming, regardless of whom you were (Israelite or Egyptian) and put the blood on your door (following the specific instructions), It will pass your house over. Israelites who didn't believe, had their homes visited, and damage done. It's as simple as that, amazing stuff. We also have our part to play in the process. We need to BELIEVE IN (Hearing and Doing).

'Will not Perish'

If you believe in/trust in/rely on Jesus, the wages (payment) of sin (death) is removed from over your head. Justice has been done, you are scot-free. Your slate as been wiped clean, you are released from jail! Nothing is held against you, no need to pay or (work) for anything, because someone has paid for you! Bless God.
The Israelites and Egyptians, who believed in the words of God, Their Sons DID NOT perish, what a blessing!

'But have everlasting life'

I am quite certain the opposite of Death is Life!! And to have it!. Not only were our debts paid, but we had our account credited to the maximum, which means we could never go back to jail, regardless of what we do in future. We were not only released from jail, but also adopted into the family of the one who posted bail, What grace!! We are basically 'Born Again'
Same in Egypt, all those who were spared, woke up the next day to hear wailing though out the land, and I'm sure they felt 'born again' from the darkness of the previous night because they’d been spared.

How marvellous the Essence of our Faith, as simple as it is, still incomprehensible by many who feel they have to 'work it' out

The Grace and Love of God, Psalm 100:5 can be translated in different ways, but its message stays the same God's mercy and love is 'Forever', His Loving-kindness is 'Everlasting' and to (not some) ALL! Generations. 

Peace! :)


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