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Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Limbo!

So, I'm at the point where I am still officially a student but technically not. I am looking for proper jobs, which in turn will bring in proper cash. The only problem is that 9 to 5's hold nothing for me, I dread it. I am applying for jobs and treating myself to a holiday. While there's an offer, it's not yet in the bag so all I do at home now, is clean and cook where necessary. I decided to volunteer on Wednesdays at the church i recently started going to, so as to get out of the house once in a while. It's been nice so far meeting people from different nationalities, and lifestyles. I have also tried to get on with my projects but they haven't been easy. Everyday I try to build myself in one aspect or the other.

I usually don't have 'relationship' issues, but eeeh, the last few weeks have been 'icky'. My sister going back 'Home', opened another chapter in another book of my life, I met someone, with whom things aren't as they seem.I miss her though, Its a pity she didn't get to see as much as I'd have liked, but she'd be back soon.
Also, I got two new prescription frames, One a designer and the second Vintage! all thanks to my aunt *muah*.i feel so fly, ha!lol

Travelled up north, went for a wedding on Saturday, It was really nice, lovely couple, lovely location, great LIVE music, food that got better and better and the best chocolate cake I've ever eaten! of-course over a glass of champagne..tres classy. My kind of wedding!
Got to attend a concert by 'Midnight Crew' I wonder where they got their name from, but it sounds like something Aro Meta would call themselves. It's all well and good, the music was great, more so than I imagined.

I have learnt lots over the weeks, about Love, Life, Cooking, Food, Sleep, Prayer, Life's Troubles, The Essential things, Kindness, God e.t.c
It's a brand new week today, and hopefully I will continue in my bid, to develop things out of nothing, relax my mind over lots of issues. Call everyone that needs to be called (I tend to neglect people in this regard way too much, if you aren't online, there's a huge chance of not being in communication these days..bad, I know). See friends, See a movie, basically enjoy life as it comes, even though I am in Limbo! it could have been Hell you know :D


jemimahnaa said...

lol..limbo huh..well wnt last fro long so enjoy it while it lasts.. lol@aro meta hmm..makes sense tho

GamineGirlie said...

Yeah, I am o, I am