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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy 'lloween

In the true spirit of the day, it's been nightmarish for me. The day started all wrong, I woke up SICK. The bad cold that refused to go away and some added symptoms. All my plans went through the window. It ended up with me, meeting the Housemate from hell...waiting for a bus in the biting cold of the Toon which was 20mins late!, I ended up incoveniencing someone. I also had to travel down south. The train was full and grossly disappointing, The only wise thing I did was to sit close to the bar, because the trolleys were off duty. It was like all the bus drivers I was to get in contact with today, were set up to spoil things for me. Almost home, I decide to take a bus which would bring me closer home because of the luggage I had, only to be standing there waiting to get on and the bus driver says, NO more, No more?!! Pissssed. I had to drag  my case through the mud and grass because I wouldn't wait in the cold 20mins for the next one, and theres no guarantee that that bus drivers head would be correct.

Home sweet home! I tell my aunt, my predicament, and she advises to take raw red onion, lemon and honey. apparently I was supposed to eat the onion like an apple. When my uncle came home, I was forced to eat the onion like that, It is the most horrible thing i've ever done...i also had to eat garlic and an apple after, I say this is the hottest thing ever! but thankfully, Here I am about to go to sleep, feeling way better! The spirit of Good has conquered evil!! Hopefully all the garlic I've eaten will repel any principality and power..

But I still gotta say, HAPPY 'LLOWEEN..(dressed up as a teletubby yesterday


MissBalance said...

Lol! Pele. Compliments of the season :)

GamineGirlie said... ^_^