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Thursday, November 15, 2007


i really can't wait to graduate from my school

i feel the pressure of everything

i use the internet to get my mind off some things at tyms

dis whole school stuff sef, na by force

Anyhow sha
i know i have to sweat it out!

my project stuffs seem to be goin on fine

all i have to do is Trust God on everything

things must go on well

All the rules in my school , seem harsh

but i guess, i aint staying there for ever

i just have to wait/bear it all

yup yup yup!!!


Chameleon said...

Hey, you posted a comment on my blog and I was surprised anyone even read my stuff (except my sister). Thank you so much! I like what I have seen on your blog and your profile. COOL how the internet is so worldwide!

I particularly liked the link to the wedding day. I hope everyone has a wedding like that. I remember my own wedding day with delight.