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Thursday, November 15, 2007



This is my first post!

I remember when i first entered Uni

filled with hope and promise

i can tell u after the first three weeks i began to doubt it heavily.

Thank God, im in 500 level now!

Studying a course i would never have signed up for

and its not even easy being in ******** University

sometimes i wonder if its even worth it!

Lots of stuff that happens to make u go crazzy!!

Anyways, i cnt say something positive hasnt bin deposited in me o

Next year, i will be graduating and it will be the best thing!

I hope i aint too dry!

lol. i love laffing

its one of the things that has kept me goin

n i will keep u posted on tha happenings in my school


Olukunle said...

i remembered d last min rush to get the entrance forms...meeting some old friends from high sch again, three wonderful and intesting roommates when i got thru with reg: Luto Tailo, Michael Odusanya and Simpa Okatahi(met again in distressing circumstances)..
I remembered the good old Revolutionary Squad(Cmdr. Deji Akin-Abiri and Cmdt Ekpeyong Ekpeyong), the Covenant University Technical Crew(Uncle Dami and Uncle Dennis, Tunji Oyedepo, Abbas, Taiwo Adediran, Ekhator, Unwanna Ekanem, Nkemdilim Ofodile),etc.
I remember the chapel services, the variety nites and its intrigues, TMC-EDS combo lectures.
I remember meeting great friends like Azubike Ezenwoke, Timi Shoyele, Chinedu Okoronkwo Betram and Kingsley Erondu...
I'm an independent-minded person who can stand and work under authority so long as its doing the rite thing the rite way.
I had to quit and become a drop-out at the young age of 19 when I couldn't stand being treated as a potential criminal any longer..
The only reason why I don't count those two years as a waste is because I met you therein and you affected my life in more ways than you'd ever know. Thank you for u.

Olukunle said...

*i love the pic