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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Not Strong Enough

Every morning, I pick myself up from the bed, hoping it was just a dream. As hard as I try I know I'm not strong enough to handle reality, the second thought is, and that's ok! The second thought might take a few seconds or a few hours to dawn on me but it does.

At the end of the day I find myself resting. Many times I wonder why we have to go through pain, suffer things, learn the hardway. I don't get any answers but I stick to the reality that if not for a lot of this hardship, I wouldn't have learned some things and if I look objectively into the world, many go through worse things everyday, so I am appreciative of where I am while I pray for others who have so much to carry. I stick to the reality that God is with me in all these things.

Ah I'm not strong enough, I'm tired and want so much but thank you dear Lord for who you are.